March 2017 Meeting Minutes

Action 5 / 10
Reflect & Resist
Monday 3/20/2017 – Minutes

1) Change name from Park Ridge Women of Action to something less gender specific
New name is – Action Ridge

2) Determine a goal or purpose for our group: We promote principles of democracy: inclusion, respect, equity and the health of our planet. Truth Matters!

3) Broaden our scope by inviting others & working with existing groups – We decided to broaden our scope. Kathy will approach P.R.O.P. (Park Ridge Organization for Progress) to see if they want to join us. Kathy & Liz will also explore Indivisible and sign up our group on their directory.

4) Discuss purpose and specific areas of interest to focus on
a) Women’s Issues – Beth, Nan & Lori
b) Immigration – Tom , Cathy
c) Education – No individuals yet
d) Environment – Chris, Jane, Cathy
e) Identify our administrators/organizers – Liz , Jan  & Nora
f) Health Care – Luan , Trudy, Lori and Marilyn
g) Housing – Nan & Kristin
h) Civil Rights – Lori and Tina
The focus groups will research their subject areas and identify actions to the larger group as they become needed. Sub-groups will email the full group with their sub-group name in the subject line of emails. The emails will be bullet pointed with the main issues and action items easily and briefly highlighted.

5) Next meeting date and place – Monday 4/10, 7:30. We will ask for a general RSVP ahead of time to determine size of group. If manageable numbers, will host at Liz’s house. If too large will identify a new location.

Other Business: The Facebook page will also include our ActionRidge2017 email address. It was agreed that we would not read the Action Five suggestions for our next meeting. List of Members of Congress will be compiled.


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