Action for Budget on Poverty Issues

Last week, the House of Representatives came out with their proposed budget for international assistance.. While it’s not the 32% cut President Trump proposed, they’re still trying to cut critical poverty fighting programs. We were pretty disappointed to see that — and today we want to share that with Speaker Ryan.

To take action, call Speaker Ryan’s office and leave him a message sharing just how disappointed you are that the House is still suggesting funding cuts to international assistance? Click below or dial 1-888-521-4930:

Speaker Ryan is the leader of the House of Representatives, so he has a lot of power to get his House in order. He makes the final decision on whether or not to approve dangerous cuts to foreign aid. Here are some things you could say when you make your call to his office today:
I’m disappointed in the House’s proposal for the international affairs budget.
I know this process is not over and you will have a huge impact on the final outcome.
I’m counting on your leadership to restore the cuts to critical poverty fighting programs.

Copy link below or dial 1-888-521-4930:



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