June 2017 Meeting Minutes

Action Ridge; Monday 6/12/2017 Minutes
We promote principles of democracy: inclusion, respect, equity and the health of our plant. Truth Matters!
7:00 to 7:30 Meet and Mingle – Introduced Noah Fishman and his friend Raj who started an environmental club at Maine South as well as a summer lawn mowing business with environmentally sensitive products. If you would like to engage their services, Noah’s email is: nfishman804@s207.org
7:30 Sierra Club, Tim Milburn gave an informative powerpoint presentation on Climate Change. It was full of great information which is shared here. He also is very willing to stay in contact and his email is: tim.milburn@greenways2go.com
8:30 Action Ridge Business including the following
1) Next Meeting Date and Place – We will continue meeting monthly through the summer at PRCC. The next meeting dates are 7/10; 8/14 and 9/11. Meet & mingle from 7:00 to 7:30 with the meeting starting at 7:30 and wrapped up by 9:00. The July meeting will be a business meeting. Beth B. is looking into inviting a representative or other guest to the August meeting and Nan & Kirsten will have a topic meeting in September on Affordable Housing.
2) Review areas of interest and functionality since last meeting:
a. Women’s Issues – over laps with Health Care. Much discussion about the Affordable Health Care Bill and impact on Planned Parenthood. Some emails have already gone out for immediate action in this area.
b. Immigration – Discussing regarding becoming a Safe Sanctuary State and how to discuss on the city level
c. Education – No updates
d. Environment – Wonderful presentation and so much good information from Tim Milburn. Please see the reading recommendation list and information on the 6/21 Des Plaines meeting.
e. Health Care – discussed above in Women’s Issues. This needs immediate attention to help prevent approval by Senate on the bill Congress passed
f. Housing – Nan recommended a book “The Color of Law” by Richard Rothstein as well as a U-tube presentation on Affordable Housing.
g. Civil Rights – Lori could use another point person in this area.
h. Voter Registration/Representation – Sister District help was discussed and email went out with more information.
3) Website Update: is up and running but more content needs to be added. The site is ActionRidgePR.com with Linda & Kate managing it.
4) Indivisible – Kathy reached out to include Action Ridge as an Indivisible group. The Action Ridge email was given and Liz offered to be the contact person for this.

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