ACLU Action Item

The Senate is planning to vote as soon as tomorrow on whether to bring some version of Trumpcare up for a full floor vote. Because of all the work you’ve put in so far, the Senate leadership is fearful their effort to pass Trumpcare will fail. So don’t let up! We can’t let the Senate pass a bill that will endanger the lives and liberty of millions of Americans, especially women and people with disabilities.

This is too important for any of us to sit on the sidelines – can you call your senators today?

If your senators oppose Trumpcare, then remind them to be unwavering in their opposition. If your senators are still on the fence, keep the pressure on.

Tell them to vote NO on the Motion to Proceed and NO on final passage of any version of Trumpcare.

Make a call today to save our health care. It only takes a few minutes – but can make a world of difference.

Thanks for getting in the game,
Faiz Shakir and all of us at the ACLU

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