Health Care Action

MoveOn Event:

What’s happening this week in Washington is a travesty for our democracy.

Republicans are trying every procedural trick and gimmick they can muster to try to take away health care from millions of people. As of the sending of this email, we still don’t know if they’ll succeed or fail.

They haven’t held any hearings. Or heard from any health care experts. They have stopped holding town halls and listening to their constituents. So we’re listening for them.

MoveOn members across the country have organized hundreds of health care listening canvasses this weekend. They’ll be out in their communities, knocking on doors, and having in-depth conversations with neighbors about health care in this country, the real solutions we need to fix it, and giving people ways to take action during the upcoming August recess.

And there’s an event near you! Here are the details:

Forest Park Canvassing
Sunday, July 30, 1:30 PM
Forest Park, IL


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