August 2017 Meeting Minutes

On Monday, September 11th, Nan Parson and Kristin Berg, of Park Ridge Housing Initiative, gave a presentation which explains their mission to develop more affordable housing in Park Ridge.  It is the hope of the Initiative that increasing the number of affordable living units in the city would enable Park Ridge to be an inclusive community that promotes cultural and economic diversity; encourages people to live and shop where they work, helps businesses retain employees and enables long-time residents to stay in Park Ridge and younger families to move here.

The purpose of the presentation is to inform and raise awareness of the need for and benefits of affordable housing.  It demonstrates that affordable housing looks no different from existing housing and seeks to create community support and a desire for additional affordable housing. In time Nan and Kristin hope to elevate the need for affordable housing as a priority for our city and its elected officials.

The Action Ridge audience asked many questions and expressed an interest in learning how members can support the increase in what is often called “work force housing” in our City.  Nan and Kristin encouraged participants to contact them at or with any further questions.

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