Park Ridge and the Environment

On Monday September 18, the Park Ridge City Council unanimously agreed to endorse the Greenest Region Compact 2 (GRC2) and the Mayor signed the Resolution on September 19.  Endorsing this program was recommended by the Park Ridge Community Health Commission (CHC), as presented to the City Council by the CHC Chair, Tricia Williams.  Park Ridge becomes the 57th Illinois community to sign on to the GRC2, along with all ten of the regional Councils of Government (“COGs”).

The GRC2 consists of a commitment to sustainable practices and a sustainability framework designed to be useful and adaptable to any municipality in Northern Illinois, with a focus on Cook and the Collar Counties.   By agreeing to this, Park Ridge commits to participate and collaborate with the MMC Environmental Committee’s efforts to define and deploy sustainability measures for Park Ridge and to support related regional efforts.  No specific financial or resource commitments are required.  Rather, the GRC2 strives to compel communities towards thoughtful, organized sustainability planning and action: those actions which make not only environmental sense and enhance quality of life, but also are financially sound, if not revenue generating, while fitting the culture of the community.  Participating communities can leverage and benefits from the knowledge gained from the success of others.

The ten sustainability areas addressed by the GRC2 are climate, economic development, energy, land, leadership, mobility, municipal operations, sustainable communities, waste & recycling, and water. Within each area are goals of interest to all communities and aligned with important regional, national and global goals.   For more information, please see”

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