Action on Reproductive Rights

he anti-woman Trump administration just issued rules that threaten reproductive health care. They’re using employers’ religious and moral beliefs as an excuse to discriminate and cut off access to birth control.

This is a direct assault on our rights, and we have to take action NOW.

Submit a public comment and tell the Department of Health and Human Services what you think of cutting access to birth control.

Here’s what’s at stake: The ACA requires employers to cover birth control without a copay. It’s a crucial provision that makes access to health care more viable for women. It addresses discrimination.

Why? Because at the end of the day, being able to decide whether and when to have children has a direct effect on women’s abilities to control our lives regarding schooling, families, careers, and more.

But Trump’s rules say that virtually any employer can deny contraceptive coverage – coverage required by law – if it objects for religious or moral reasons. Trump’s regulations will take effect immediately. So we’re suing.

While we see Trump in court, you need to raise your voice and make clear that we will not allow the government to use religion as a license to discriminate.

The government is accepting public comments on this change – can you submit one in opposition? We need to overload the Department of Health and Human Services with comments that make this change toxic.

No employer should have the right to deny an employee a benefit otherwise guaranteed by law for religious or “moral” objections. Blocking our right and access to contraception is discrimination, plain and simple.

And we cannot stand for it. Rise up and submit a public comment today. >>

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