November 2017 Meeting Minutes

Thanks to all of those who were able to come to the showing of “Equal Means Equal”.  40 people attended and I know we all learned a lot and were energized to advocate for ratification of the amendment in Illinois.

After seeing the video, Noreen Gayford, a very active local proponent for equal rights, contacted Lou Lang’s office (He’s the sponsor of the bill in the Illinois House) to get more information about the bill and learn ways that we can help. Here is their reply:

Up until last week our organization, headed by Lou, was running phone banks out of our office in an effort to persuade Republican Representatives to support the ERA. Unfortunately, Lou did not feel that we have enough votes for a passage during the veto session, thus the resolution was not called upon. Lou and Steans are regrouping and aiming to bring the resolution to a vote during Spring session. Because we have halted all phone banking activities at the moment.

When the time is right, we will resume efforts to advocate and would love to have members of Maine Township join us in the effort.

They added that a 3/5 vote is required in each chamber for the ERA to be ratified.  No governor’s signature is required, which is a very good thing.

In the meantime, please google the ERA Coalition to learn how you can encourage our legislators as they fight for the ERA.

Also please note that a group of Action Ridge members will be meeting on December 11th at 7:30 at 328 S. Redfield Ct. to plan for the coming year’s activities. Please join us if you’d like to share your ideas.

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