December 2017 Meeting Notes

Ten stalwart women met in Kate Kerin’s great room to make plans for our next meeting at large, which will be held on January 8th at the Community Church. We made a decision to focus on further discussion of the documentary, “Equal Means Equal”, which we showed in November.

If members would like to see the film again or show it to others, we found that it’s available to watch on Amazon Prime or to purchase through I-Tunes.

Nan is going to try to find a speaker for the meeting on the 8th, perhaps from Lou Lang or Heather Steans’ offices.  They are the sponsors of the bill to ratify the ERA in Illinois.  If we can’t find a speaker for the meeting, we’ll plan a discussion using ideas on the “Equal Means Equal” website.

The AAUW (American Association of University Women) and the LWV (League of Women Voters) might like to be involved in the push for ratification, and might want to come to our meeting.  Nan will contact them to see if they’re interested. Members of NOW will be invited, too.

We decided that after the meeting on Jan. 8th we’ll concentrate on participating in the March on Chicago which will take place on January 20th in recognition of the 2017 Women’s March on Washington.  We’ve scheduled a January 13th poster making session and may rent a bus to go to the March.  We also decided to create a Logo for Action Ridge, which we can use for the march and on-going. Kate and Val will ask friends of theirs to come up with suggested designs.  We might have buttons made that we can wear on our pussy hats.

In February we’ll begin concentrating on the 2018 election campaigns and on getting out the vote.  We may ask Jan Schakowsky’s volunteer coordinator, Ben Head, for advice about how to proceed. The organizer of the Sister District Project, Sandra Dunbar, has said that she would like to come to a meeting.

Nan told the group that Go Green Park Ridge is trying to organize a showing of a One World Festival movie at the Pickwick.  The One World Film Festival is traveling around Illinois showing feature length films that promote environmental causes. Since Action Ridge has an environmental committee, we’ve been asked to help advertise and run the festival.  We all said that we’d be glad to help with this good cause which fits with our mission of “promoting principals of the health of our planet”.  The tentative date for the showing is March10th.

More information about the January 8th meeting and the March on Chicago (on Jan. 20th) activities will be coming soon.  Please put both dates on your calendar.

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