100 Courtland

Park Ridge

Did you know that we could still ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution so that women are equally protected under our highest law? 

If we work hard, this spring we will finally be able to say that Illinois is the 37th state to ratify the ERA.  Then, when one more state signs on, we can proudly announce that women are fully protected in The United States.

 On January 8th, Action Ridge will hold a meeting to support ratification of the ERA in Illinois.  This will be a follow up to our showing, in November, of the documentary, “Equal Means Equal”, which stresses the importance of the ERA.  (If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you can watch it through Amazon Prime or itunes or rent it from the Des Plaines Library.)

Eden Nissani, an aide to Lou Lang who is sponsoring the bill in the Illinois House, will be at the meeting for discussion and to answer our questions.  We will then plan actions to support the passage of the bill.

Please attend and invite your friends.  This will be an inspiring, informative meeting.  We need the ERA so that women will have the highest court on their side!!


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