February 8, 2018 Meeting Notes

Action Ridge; Monday 2/8/2018

100 Courtland Ave – Lower Level

We promote principles of democracy: inclusion, respect, equity and the health of our planet.  Truth Matters! 

7:30 PAC Chair from the National Organization for Women – Bonnie Grabenhofer (not able to attend, Nan spoke on her behalf).  She sent a list of candidates and how they stand on issues that NOW supports.  The list is attached.  We will see if we can reschedule her to speak to our group sometime in the future.

7:35 President of the Park Ridge League of Women Voters – Mary Upson.  The original goal of the PRLWV was to educate women on voting and voting rights when women first got the right to vote.  Now the group is non-partisan and focuses on voter education.  PRLWV focuses on those who recently turned 18, have newly moved or have recently become citizens.  The preference is to register on-line at: https://www.cookcountyclerk.com/agency/register-vote

The idea is to get people to do it right there on-line otherwise it often doesn’t happen.   A Maine South Student spoke about the government class that promotes voter registration and becoming an election judge.  Last year the LWV registered 25,000 new citizens to vote.  There was discussion about the voter ID laws in Illinois.  In order to vote, 2 forms of ID’s are needed; one with address and one just with your name.

The League of Women Voters has been working at national and state levels and has been involved in preventing/fighting voter suppression.  They have also provided mock ballots so people know when they get in the polls who they want to vote for.

PRLWV is discussing how it wants to support the ERA.  This is part of the national & state platform so the local group is working on how best to pursue the ratification of the ERA.  PRLWV is about a year old and working on engaging people to get individuals to the polls to vote.  A link to ‘Next Door Park Ridge’ was mentioned as a tool to help students and others register to vote.  A 4 person panel discussing how to run for office on all levels will be held on 4/4, 7 p.m.

Thank you to Anne Lundee from the PR Journal-Topics for attending tonight.  She helped our group with some history and information about candidates.

8:00 – 9:00 Action Ridge Discussion – Core leaders are meeting in between these meetings to do some planning.  If anyone would like to help with this, let Nan know.  Planning meeting discussed the need for truthfulness and respectfulness.

  • Website – ActionRidgePR.com – Kate is administering the website and would be happy to add any additional information.
  • Facebook – discussed the need for ground rules on discussion to align with our principles
  • Email (200 people)- used to disseminate information on meetings and events that are coming up.
  • Logo – Thank you Jackie!! Discussion on how to use the logo included making t-shirts, hats, banner or buttons.  Approximately $170 was collected.  Once we know if we can be included in the Memorial Day parade, then we will vote on how to use the money.
  • Other Action Opportunities
    1. 2/24 at 2p.m. Governors candidate forum at New Trier Northfield – this needs pre-registration. There is a link on the website
    2. One Earth Film Festival 3/3 at 10 a.m. the Pickwick will show the movie ‘Jane’ about Jane Goodell
    3. 3/10 Alice Paul presentation at 10:30 at the Des Plaines Library – this is the AAUW hosted event on women in education & equity.
    4. One Earth Film Festival 3/10, 6:00 p.m. at St Mary’s Church – Go Green is showing this film featuring plastic waste especially straws and then hosting a panel discussion. A second film about gardening will follow the 6:00 p.m. show.
    5. Indivisible Summit 3/11 – information will be included on the website.
    6. March in the PR Memorial Day Parade on 5/28. Chris sent a sign-up sheet to indicate those interested.  Kate Kerin will look into registering us as a group to be included in the parade.  Once it is determined if we can attend the parade, then information will be included on the website/Facebook about attendance & logo use.
  • Review areas of interest and functionality since last meeting
    1. Gun control – Northwest Suburban Organizing for Action and Moms against gun control, Moms Demand Action. Ed Spire, fellow with NSOFA spoke on a bill in the Illinois Senate to tighten gun dealer laws.  SB1657 will be taken up after the primary.
    2. ERA Initiative – Action Ridge will continue to talk with people to help make more individuals aware of the ERA and that the vote could come up in this year’s legislative session. We will look into have the March meeting focus on the ERA and action to be taken.
    3. Small groups will be scheduled to meet with McAuliffe – Nan has maps of the McAuliffe district and Jeanne Wells will coordinate times for small groups to meet with him and discuss the topic of voting for the ERA.
  • Next Meeting Dates – 3/8 ERA focus and 4/12 (save the date)

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