Meeting March 8, 2018

Action Ridge; Thursday  3/8/2018  7:00 PM

100 Courtland Ave – Lower Level

We promote principles of democracy: inclusion, respect, equity and the health of our planet. Truth Matters!

Meeting Agenda

7:00-7:30 Viewing of the 1/2 hour DVD of “Equal Means Equal”

7:30-8:00 Lisa Kaihara, of Ratify ERA, talking points re: the importance of ratifying the ERA
8:00-8:15–Discussion of plans to support the ratifying of the Resolution to Ratify: having parties, signing letter, writing postcards, phone banking, visiting McAuliffe

8:15–8:30– Discussion of Committee Heads and use of the gmail group

8:30-8:45—Discussion of voting guide—Get out the Vote.


1. Report from those who went to Springfield on 2/28 to lobby for passage of the gun control bills

2. Thoughts about future initiatives

Dates and Opportunities

1. Alice Paul presentation–3/10, 10:30 at the Des Plaines Library
2. One Earth Film Festival– 3/10, 6:00 p.m. at St Mary’s Church
3. Indivisible Summit–3/11
4. March for our Lives—3/24
5. March in the PR Memorial Day Parade?–5/28

Next Meeting Date – Thursday, 4/12
(Core Leaders meet in the lounge after the meeting)Meeting

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