Action Needed: Gun Shop Registration Act

Since Action Ridge has chosen to focus on gun control at our next meeting, I thought it was important for me to send this along to all members.  The legislature voted “yes” on this bill and Governor Rauner then vetoed it.  Let’s overturn his veto!!  Requiring gun shops to be registered is one step in the process of reducing the number of illegal guns in unsafe hands on the street.

It’s a little tricky to fill out a witness slip; but very important because the legislators ask how many slips have been filled out pro and con.  The number of slips they receive on both sides influences their vote.  So please take the time to fill out a slip.
If you have questions about how to so this, feel free to email Nan.
G-PAC Illinois
Nan —

SB1657, the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, would help reduce illegal gun trafficking in Illinois and save lives. After passing both the House and Senate with bipartisan support, Governor Rauner vetoed the bill. The bill is heading back for a subject matter committee hearing on March 27. Let’s override Governor Rauner’s veto! Click here to file a witness slip as a proponent. 

We know we can file more slips than the NRA. We’ve done it before, let’s do it again!

Kathleen at G-PAC Illinois

Kathleen Sances, Executive Director, G-PAC

G-PAC Illinois · United States
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