Meeting May 10, 2018

Action Ridge; Thursday 5/10/2018

7:00 to 8:00
100 Courtland Ave – 7:00 Lower Level

We promote principles of democracy: inclusion, respect, equity and the health of our planet. Truth Matters!
Focus on Gun Control Legislation with Sara Knizhnik: Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence
1. Discussion—Sara will help us focus on ways that Action Ridge can help reduce gun violence.
a. Gun dealer licensing update
b. Other gun safety bills
c. Federal update
d. Best ways to talk about gun violence prevention
2. Rachel Georgakis will give us a report on the results of her meeting with Sara and her attendance of the Moms Demand Action meeting.
a. Join Illinois Gun Violence Prevention Coalition?
b. Moms Demand Action—Be Smart Training?
c. Clarification of who’s on the Gun Control Committee—future meetings?
3. We’ll make a decision regarding future initiatives.

Update on the status of the ERA
1. Phone banking report
2. Nan’s participation in the testimony before the Health and Human Services Committee regarding the resolution
3. Report from the Springfield Lobby Day trip—9 Action Ridgers made the trip down.

Reports on movies:
1. “Wasted”
2. “The Notorious RBG”—plans to see it from Pat Lofthouse

Discussion of the Memorial Day Parade
1. Signs created by Jackie McNeilly—cost from Alpha Graphics
2. Candy and labels—Arlene Levin and Kate Kerin. Luan Zoellner will stick them on.
3. What shall we wear?
4. Do we want a car?
5. Sign up to carry the banner and the signs

Discussion of marketing strategies with our Outreach Group
1. Calling cards? Who would make them?
2. Debbie Maggio’s husband will help us.
3. List of the ideas from the committee which consists of:
a. Alice Dobrinsky (on hiatus till fall)
b. Beth Brosnan
c. Ulla Sivertsen
d. Becky Mills
e. Debbie Maggio
f. Ellen Upton

Next Meeting Thursday, 6/14—Suggested topic?

Meeting of Core Leaders will follow the adjournment of the meeting of the whole.

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