Families Belong Together Event Saturday

We’re forming a group to attend the Families Belong Together Rally Saturday June 30th to advocate for children and asylum seekers who can’t advocate for themselves.  We’ll meet at the Blue Line at 10:00 AM. Please use the link below to fill out a partner form if you are planing on attending:


Here is more information:

Even though An executive order has been signed to end separation of families, Chicago Women Take Action will continue to work against any attempt to re-institute such a policy and we will fight for the reunification of families for children who have been separated from their parents.   Everyone is welcome to join us on June 30 for the 11:00 rally at Federal Plaza or please encourage your community groups and other organizations to participate.   The big concern being expressed now is that the children may never be reunited with their families – the children have been placed in 17 states.  If they are in the custody of a state the state child welfare agency could find that the parents “abandoned” their children (because the parents are in detention).   I am going to call my congressman’s office today to find out what the steps for reunification are.   I saw parts of the incredible press conference held by members of Congress, including John Lewis, Luis Gutierrez, Jan Schakowsky (who almost broke down describing what it is like for a nursing mother to have her baby taken from her.). I will pass on any information I get.    Also see the information below.    Best regards.  Ann

Families Belong Together Partner Form

Thanks for working together to end Trump and his administration’s policy of separating children from their families at the border. The main website for actions will be FamiliesBelongTogether.org. Fill out the information below to get regular updates on the actions and join and of the optional planning committees. Planning committees will meet a few times before the rallies to dig in on details, share resources, and add capacity.

Please note these events are coming together VERY quickly, so we don’t have a ton of materials yet. We will send out resources as they become available to everyone who fills out this form:



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