Meeting September 13, 2018

Thursday September 13 at 7:00 PM

100 Courtland Ave – Lower Level

We promote principles of democracy: inclusion, respect, equity and the health of our planet.  Truth Matters!

Welcome back from summer activities, Action Ridge Friends.  At our September meeting, we are going to update you on what’s happened over the summer months and plan for the upcoming year. Hope you’re all in the action frame of mind.

Below is our agenda for the meeting.  Please note that we are asking for suggestions for future meetings; so please put on your thinking caps.  Action Ridge is a grassroots organization so let’s make those roots grow into healthy actions!


We will discuss our three areas of focus.

  1. Women’s Rights Issues:
    1. Progress on ERA Ratification
    2. Maine Township Board allegations of sexual harassment
  1. Gun Violence Prevention:
    1. Gun Violence Coalition participation—Rachel Georgakis, Nan Parson, Kathy Wood, Kathy Fitzsimmons
    2. Field Trip to the Institute for NonViolence Chicago and our support for that organization, including a canoe trip for the staff—Liz Swanson, Jeanne Wells, Chris Parson, Nan Parson, Sara Knizhnik
  1. Voter Registration and Voter Education—Get Out the Vote:
    1. Candidate Forum sponsored by LWVPR on September 27th—formulate questions which relate to the Action Ridge Mission Statement
    2. Participation in National Voter Registration Day on September 25th
    3. Plans for our own voter registration actions—leadership is necessary.

Other areas of future Action Ridge focus—topics, speakers, and programs of interest

Core Group Meeting, if necessary.

Next Meeting:  10/11

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