Minutes November 2018


Thursday, November 8th, 7:00

The Community Church, lower level

100 Courtland Ave.

Please check these sites to stay informed about Action Ridge initiatives:



Unfortunately, Kathleen Sances, CEO of G-PAC, the Gun Political Action Committee, had to cancel. The group decided to see if she can come in January.

  1. Nan handed out an article submitted to us by Mark Kleinschmit titled “What Explains U.S.Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer”. Please check this article out.  Cut and paste this link, for some reason it’s not hot.       https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/07/world/americas/mass-shootings-us-international.html?action=click&module=RelatedCoverage&pgtype=Article&region=Footer
  2. We moved on to a lively discussion about our past activities and told entertaining stories about our successes in GOTV (Getting Out the Vote).
  3. Reports of Action Ridge’s efforts to GOTV
  • Registering voters at Summit (18 people registered).  Other Action Ridge members registered folks at Maine South and other sites.
  • Hosting a postcard party – Of the 24 sister district candidates that were supported, 12 won.
  • Canvassing—Several especially canvassed for a candidate who won in the Northern suburbs.
  • Making phone calls—Several phone banked from the Niles office and at home.
  • Conducting voter education sessions at the Summit
  • Marching to the Polls—A group went downtown and some marched separately.
  • Getting neighbors to the polls.  Quite a few found ways to encourage folks to vote.  Kate Kerin even gave out candy rewards at work.
  • Placing kids’ posters in stores—It was reported that they were seen at several locations all over town.
  • Displaying candidate yard signs
  • Sending money to candidates
  1. Kate Kerin read a list of Actions that Action Ridge has taken in the two years of our existence. We have:
  • Encouraged people to vote.
  • Made calls.
  • Organized a Poster Contest for kids.
  • Engaged in voter registration efforts.
  • Attended the LWV forum.
  • Attended the Governor Forum.
  • Posted information on our website.
  • Attracted 274 members on our Facebook page and 205 on our Gmail list.
  • Raised awareness of gun violence/
  • Fought for ratification of the ERA – Victorious!
  • Testified before the House committee.
  • Attended Lobby day in Springfield for the ERA.
  • Supported GPAC.
  • Marched to the polls
  • Participated in the Memorial Day Parade
  • And many more!


  1. Another idea for Action Ridge to consider:

“Stand on Every Corner” – started in June 2018. A group in Mt. Prospect keeps vigil on busy street corners every Friday night, up to 18 people at times, by holding signs that support various causes. Each group can do as they choose.  https://standoneverycorner.com/.   Kate will investigate organizing an Action Ridge group to “Stand on Every Corner”, perhaps in the spring. 

  1. Discussion of ways in which we want to take action in the coming months.  
  2. We’ll take part in the Holiday Store at the Institute for Non Violence in December.
    • Bring new gifts, unwrapped, to Nan’s house at 422 Lake Ave. by December 6th. They will be delivered to the Institute of Non-Violence.  A list of needed items will be sent to the group soon.
  1. We decided to educate voters regarding local candidates in the April elections.
    • We could hold a Candidate’s Forum.
    • We’ll start organizing in January.
    • Green Drinks is inviting the candidates in February (3rd Tuesday)
  1. The Sunday Night Supper needs volunteers. Cindy Grau can provide a link to a signup sheet for volunteers. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1231483940233759/
  1. D64 Committee Meeting – A committee formed by the president of the D64 School Board has decided to place SROs (School Resource Officers) in middle schools. To learn about this plan, Nan, Kristin, Kristen and others attended the meeting of the committee.
  • Before being approved, the decision to introduce SROs wasn’t discussed with parents, teachers, etc. and many have objections to having officers with guns in the middle schools.
  • Officers would be at the schools 3 days a week, a couple hours a day.
  • The committee planned on a rotating officer, not the same one all the time.
  • The Committee agreed to come up with a mission statement.
  • Those interested can attend future D64 board meetings. https://www.d64.org/boe/board-of-education-meetings. This is one way that the epidemic of gun violence is affecting our community.
  1. Political signs can be dropped off at the Public Works building on Busse Highway through the week of November 9th. Let’s be green!

Next Meeting—December 13th—Jac Charlier, of Unity in Community, an organization that finds ways to promote racial equity, will speak to us.  (He was unable to come in November.)

Respectfully submitted by Arlene Levin and Nan Parson

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