December 12, 2018 Meeting Notes

Thursday, December 12, 2018 7:00

The Community Church, lower level,  100 Courtland Ave.

Action Ridge sites:


  1. Introduction of Jac Charlier of “Unity in Community”– Jac is a community organizer, as a private citizen, and, in his professional role, works to reduce violence.

He’s a crime reduction expert and long time advocate for racial equity.

His group, Unity in Community, is holding a MLK Day Dinner:

Monday, January 21, 2019

6:30PM – 8:30PM

Wildwood Tavern

RSVP to Jac. by January 14

The dinner will bring together advocates for racial justice throughout the Northwest Suburbs.  It’s a good opportunity to network and find support.  Carpools can be arranged!

  1. Discussion of ways that his organization promotes racial justice.
  2. Works to help educate regarding the effects of White Privilege
  3. Data on criminal justice and economic issues, etc. is important. Data teaches us the facts.
    1. Laquan McDonald shooting is an example of ways that African Americans are treated differently than whites. Blacks are arrested and shot by police at a much greater rate than whites.
    2. The racial justice issue is systemic – throughout, frequently occurring, long term, built into the system, affects all parts of the system.
    3. Crime Reduction attempts must be approached from a systemic perspective – look at data over time, in depth and breadth.
  4. Relationships – how many relationships do we have with people who are not like us?
    1. We need to interact with, eat meals with and hang out with people who are different from us. The question is how do we do this when we live in such a homogeneous environment?
  5. Jac also works with groups dealing with the opioid epidemic. He just flew in from Spokane where he was part of a team working to reduce opioid use.
  6. In 2017, there were 72,000 fatal overdoses. The only higher cause of deaths around the world is alcohol.
  7. Police departments have become leaders reducing deaths due to opioid use. They are carrying naloxone, which blocks the effects of opioids.
  8. We agreed to ask Jac to speak to us again someday.


  1. Viewed the Power Point from SURJ , which stands for “Showing up for Racial Justice”. SURJ focuses on promoting a deeper understanding of the effects of White Privilege and Supremacy on attempts to achieve racial justice.

White Supremacy Culture and what we can do about it.

  • An example of the effects of White Privilege is the existence of income inequality in the US. The economic gab has been steadily growing; we accept the growing gap between the rich and the rest of us as “normal”.
  • Cultural racism causes White People to be advantaged and validates and lifts them up and causes People of Color to be disadvantaged and invalidates and oppresses them.
  • The purpose of White Supremacy is to justify racist policies and procedures, also to divide white people from POC, POC from other POC, white people from other white people, all of us from ourselves. (We discussed these concepts and gave personal examples.)
  • White supremacy culture supports the idea that white people and the ideas, thoughts, beliefs and actions of white people are superior to POC and their ideas, thoughts, beliefs and actions.
  • White Supremacy characteristics interfere with the ability to form relationships with people different from ourselves and they promote racism. Such characteristics are:
    • Perfectionism
    • Either/or thinking
    • Right to comfort
    • And more…
    • We envision a society where we struggle together with love.
  • Discussion and examples took place throughout the presentation of the Power Point.

For information about the effects of White Supremacy, you may consult these resources:

Showing up for Racial Justice – Nan, Kristen Olson and Joan La Valle will research the SURJ website and make suggestions about how to follow up on tonight’s presentation.

The PowerPoint will be available, along with the minutes, on the Action Ridge website.


  1. Description of the trip to deliver gifts to the Institute for NonViolence Chicago. Photos of the store were shown.  Thanks to all who donated.
  2. Reminder of the dates and times for volunteering at the Holiday Store—14th from 11:00-7:00 and the 15th from 12:00-5:00
  3. Progress of the ERA
    1. Virginia House of Delegates will be back in session in January. Could become the 38th state, the last one needed, to ratify the ERA.
    2. Will likely end up in court.
  4. Discussion of the use of “dark money” to support candidates – Deferred
  5. Introduction of candidates running for office in the spring
  6. Jennifer LaDuke – Park Board. 3 open spots. Balance of compassion and pragmatism to the park board. Oakton Park projects, balance ROI, and what the community wants and needs.
  7. Rebecca Little – D64, 2 year seat. 3 boys, 3rd grade, kindergarten, and a baby. Issues: Superintendent resignation, school safety committee, sensible ways to keep kids safe, female representation on the board.
  8. Carol Sales – D64, 4 year seat., com/  Mother of 2, grew up in Park Ridge. Issues: Succession planning, listening to parents’ concerns, social media (safety, purpose), curriculum, spending.
  9. One Earth Film Festival– Amy Bartucci of Go Green Park Ridge spoke about the movie “Youth Unstoppable” which will be shown at the Festival on March 2nd at the Pickwick. It’s a documentary about the Youth Climate Movement over a decade. Go Green is reaching out to youth groups, scout groups, middle school, high school. There will be trained facilitators throughout the film fest. Contact Nan if you can help identify groups who might attend or provide other support.

Next meeting on January 10—guest speaker, Kathleen Sances, CEO of G-PAC the Political Action Committee to reduce gun violence. Discussion of other PACs that provide money to local candidates will also take place.

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