Meeting January 10, 2019

Agenda for the Action Ridge Meeting

January 10, 2019

The Park Ridge Community Church 7:00 PM

7:00-7:45—Presentation by Kathleen Sances, CEO of G-PAC, the Political Action Committee to reduce gun violence.  Kathleen will explain G-PAC ‘s work and detail how Action Ridge can get involved.

7:45-8:15—Discussion regarding PAC’s that fund local political campaigns, led by Pat Lofthouse and Jeanne Wells


  1. Update on the condition of our dedicated social justice warrior, Jody Baty–the Caring Bridge

Link will be shared.

  1. Recent information regarding the Women’s March on January 19th. Shall we plan a group excursion?

8:30-9:00—Plans for future meetings:

  1. Follow-up on discussion regarding White Privilege, possible work with the Institute for NonViolence who may lead a discussion group and/or participation in an “Unpacking your Knapsack” activity.
  2. Plans for the upcoming local elections on April 2nd. Shall we support certain candidates?   We’ll explore ways to participate with LWVPR.

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