Meeting Reminder 1/10/2019

Action Ridge meeting will be held this Thursday, January 10th, at 7:00, at the Community Church.  Kathleen Sances, CEO of G-PAC, the Political Action Committee that works to reduce gun violence, will be our speaker. Plus we’ll be talking about the local spring elections.  Y’all come!

Also, please save the dates for two events that will be held on January 21st, in celebration of Martin Luther King’s Birthday.
The first is sponsored by The Institute for NonViolence from10 am-1 pm at The Friendship Baptist Church, 5200 West Jackson Blvd.  This is a day of service, too. Contact me for more info.
The second is a dinner sponsored by Unity in Community from 6:30-8:30 at the Wildwood Tavern, 6480 W. Touhy.  If you attended our last meeting, Jac Charlier told us about this event.  It’s a chance to net-work with like-minded people.
Since Action Ridge supports both of these groups, several members plan to attend both celebrations. Please  take these opportunities to deal with issues having to do with racial equity.
In solidarity!

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