Action Ridge Book Club July 18

Dear Action Ridge Enthusiasts,  Our Anti-Oppression Book Club will be on July 18th to accommodate our leader, Jena Doolas.  We will gather at the Community Church at 7:00.
To prepare for the meeting, please purchase What Does it mean to be White?  Here is the link:
If you would like to share a book, let me know; and we’ll figure that out.  Also Barb Sanders has an extra book she’d like to sell.  If you’d like to purchase it, please let me know and I’ll arrange for you to get it.
Jena suggests that we first consider this question, (which is in the book on page 14), and write our responses in a journal, which we’ll use throughout our exploration of the material.
“Discuss what it means to be part of your particular racial group(s). How racially diverse was your neighborhood(s) growing up? What messages have you received about race from your family, friends, schools and neighborhoods about race? In other words, how has your race(s) shaped your life?”
She asks that we read the first 5 chapters of the book, making notes of our questions and reactions as we go along.

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