Meeting March 12

What a great program we have planned for our March meeting, on the 12th at 7:00 at the Community Church! We’ll be watching a documentary called “The Color Tax”, which is part of a series entitled “The Shame of Chicago”. Below is a description of the film and attached is the flyer advertising the showing.

This fascinating documentary explains the origins of the segregation we experience today. We’re honored that Jack Macnamara, who was involved in uncovering the fraud perpetrated on the south and westsides and appears in the film, will join us.

Please share the attached flyer, print up a few to hand out and join us on the 12th to raise your awareness about systemic racism in the Chicago area.


Through the stories of those who lived it and insights from the scholars who study it, the Shame of Chicago documentary series will chronicle Chicago’s history of residential segregation. It will enlighten and challenge the viewer to understand how prejudice, racially biased government policies, and business practices combined to deny millions of black families the opportunities enjoyed by their white counterparts to build household wealth and acquire quality education and other public goods. At the same time, it will bring alive the rich culture and vitality Chicago’s black communities created in the face of such odds, and accent the dignity and determination of their struggle for fairness and inclusion


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