Housing Initiative

During this very difficult time, while we are lucky to be able to shelter in place, we can help those who are most in need. The National Low Income Housing Coalition is asking us to contact our legislators to urge them to include housing in the next spending package.  Please take action.

This is from the NLIHC:
We must demand that Congress do more. Communities need another $11.5 billion in Emergency Solutions Grants to protect and house people experiencing homelessness, at least $100 billion in rental assistance to assist low-income renters and small landlords, and a uniform and complete moratorium on evictions and moratoriums. We also need emergency funds for public housing and other HUD housing providers, and a major investment in repairing and building affordable homes throughout the country.

Join us in urging Congress to provide these funds in the next spending packageAnd thank you – always – for your incredible work. You’re an inspiration.

Stay well,  The NLIHC

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