Important Information About the Vaping Ordinance.

Dear Action Ridgers, those of you who attended our “Policing in Park Ridge” virtual meeting on Thursday learned about the way  vaping infractions are handled in D207.  Alice Dobrinsky has done a great deal of research on this subject and has asked us to read the following information; and, if you so choose, take action by following the steps below. 
If you didn’t attend Thursday’s meeting, reading the explainer in the link below will get you up to speed so you can feel confident about taking action.  Nan and Liz

1) People who are concerned about the City’s Vaping Ordinance should send one email to all members of City Council + the City Manager and ask that it be added to the November Public Safety agenda:

2) Please also watch this Tuesday’s Oct. 13 Public Safety Meeting @ 7 P.M., when public comment will be given on this topic. Watch here:

3) This is a complex issue with many facets. Please take the time to understand the issue fully by reading the explainer:

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