March 11 Meeting ~ Candidate Forum

On March 11th at 7:00, we will be providing an opportunity for you to hear from every local candidate running in the April 6th election, whether opposed or not.  These include the candidates for Alderperson, City Clerk, Mayor, Park District, D207 and D64.  Each candidate will be given 4 minutes to reply to the questions below on the Zoom call and asked to submit their answers in writing as well.  We have asked the Maine Township Candidates to provide their responses only in writing.  All answers received to these questions will be available on our website following the meeting.  The questions are: 

1.      Explain why you are choosing to run for office.

2.     What actions would you take to create inclusion, respect and equity in Park Ridge, in general, and in the specific areas of affordable housing, policing policies and creating a welcoming environment in the schools and community at large?

We hope all of the candidates will respond in writing and that those who can, will participate in the Zoom call.  Local elections are so important and so often overlooked.  Now’s the time to get to know the candidates so that you can make an informed choice in April.  We’ll be sending the Zoom link closer to the 11th. Please mark your calendars and join in.  Action Ridgers MUST vote!!

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