Candidate Statements

We invited every local candidate running in the April 6th election to respond to two questions: Why they’re running for office and what actions would they take to create inclusion, respect and equity in Park Ridge, in general, and in the specific areas of affordable housing, policing policies and creating a welcoming environment in the schools and community at large? Below are their responses.

Please note: For any candidates not listed, we did not receive a response to our request for a statement.

City Clerk – one elected from 2 running

City Council – one elected for the 2nd Ward

Park District – 4 openings

School Board District 207 – 4 openings 

School Board District 64 – 4 openings

Harmony Harrington–Unopposed Candidate for Alderperson

Appreciate the focus on equity and inclusion in your questions posed to candidates, much of my “day” job is focused on health equity so I hope to bring that experience to my role on the Council. Additionally, as I hope I have led by my work and service on our Park Board, respect and inclusion should be modeled by those of us public servants being open to hearing from diverse community voices on key policy issues – the beauty of democracy.

Thanks for the opportunity and look forward to serving on our City Council, being an advocate for not just the residents of the 4th Ward, but all in our city, as we progress and heal from the impacts of this past year and move our City forward. 

Marty Maloney–Unopposed Candidate for Mayor

I am fortunate this election cycle that I am not facing an opponent to serve as Mayor for an additional term. I have served Park Ridge as Mayor for the last six years, a term as Alderman, and two terms on the Park Board prior to that.  I am grateful for the opportunities that I have been given, and will continue to bring the same approach to the job that I did my first day on the Park Board. 

Inclusion, respect, and equity have been principles that were keystones to my personality long before I ever asked for the chance to serve in public office and will remain long after I leave those roles.  I am confident that while some will disagree with individual decisions I have made during my time in office, there would be no disputing that inclusion, respect, and equity, along with kindness, dedication, and equanimity were core values for me in these roles, and on display to our community.

Rick Biagi–Unopposed Candidate for Alderperson

I have learned so much about governing over the past decade and have had the great privilege of serving alongside so many remarkable people who care deeply about our city, our parks and our schools.  Good government isn’t simply about “giving back” to one’s community – indeed, while that is an admirable endeavor, the more challenging role of local elected officials is to ask hard questions, to take actions based on integrity more than popularity, to give staff the support and resources they deserve while holding them accountable for their actions, and to serve the community with distinction, honesty, integrity, and civility.  Those qualities have been the bedrock of my service in office and I plan to bring those qualities to the City Council.

I have been honored to serve in elected office in Park Ridge for the past twelve years (on the Park District and District 64 Boards) and the voters of our community are certainly familiar with me and my record.  Thus, I would prefer not to monopolize the time talking about myself and instead, cede my time to those candidates that are running in contested elections.

Maine Township Democratic Candidates

Please note: For any candidates not listed, we did not receive a response to our request for a statement.

Karen Dimond – Candidate for Supervisor

1. I have lived in Maine Township for over 30 years and have served on the boards of local government bodies within it, such as School District 63 and the Niles-Maine Library Board.  I would now like to serve the greater area of Maine Township because I think the Maine Township government can knit together and coordinate the services provided by the township and the municipalities that have grown up within it, while at the same time making sure that the unincorporated areas do not fall through the gaps between cities and villages.

2. I think the fact that the Democratic ticket, which is made up of residents who have run as Democrats AND as Republicans in the past, sets an example as to how residents can leave partisanship behind and work together for the betterment of the community.  I would like the Board, in its meetings and in its events, to encourage inclusion, respect and equity.  I would also like the Board to strive to (1) support programs that will allow residents to find quality affordable housing in Maine Township, (2) continue the neighborhood Watch program and invite guests from all of the Police Departments to meet with residents, and (3) expand the distribution of welcome packets to new residents.

Susan Moylan-KreyCandidate for Maine Township Assessor

1. I have been Maine Township Assessor since 2014. I would continue services for our residents, whether it be to apply for exemptions for filing appeals. Ensuring that residents receive all the exemptions they are entitled to, my office has saved Maine Township’s residents close to $ 3 Million during my last 4 years in office.

2. I’m honored to assist our veterans that have a service related disability, the opportunity to help file the Veteran with Disabilities Exemption.
With many Cook County offices being closed during the pandemic, customer service was my top priority, as residents were more than ever in need of assistance. Of course we all need to pay taxes, but they should be equitable for all residents.

Pete Gialamas – Candidate for Maine Township Clerk

1. I have always enjoyed being an active part of my community. To me, it is important that I lead by example. I want my daughter to know it is essential to give back to the community where you live. I have a long record of civic involvement dating back to 2003 when I was appointed to the Des Plaines Zoning Board of Appeals. 

2. Maine Township serves a very culturally diverse population and I feel it is paramount that everyone feel welcome and safe. I have served as the committeeman for Maine Township’s award winning National Night Out against Crime for the last 7 years. It is a wonderful evening where members of the community can come out to meet and engage with their elected officials as well as representatives from the Cook County Sheriff’s Department. We work very closely with the Sheriff’s Department who is responsible for policing Maine Township’s large unincorporated area. They attend our monthly Neighborhood Watch meetings where residents can express their ideas and concerns.

Ed Beauvais  – Candidate for Maine Township Highway Commissioner

1. I am running for office because I come from a very service orientated family and learned from an early age to be the change you wish to see in your community and country. I am a firm believer in having to be on the field in order to pick up the fumble. Local communities are the fabric of this country, so making our piece of the world the best place it can be begins with us. More specifically for the Maine Township Highway Commissioner position I am seeking; I sincerely love the construction component of the job. Making sure the roughly 50 lane miles of roads, sewers, curbs and sidewalks meet the standard of quality of life that we all expect is very important to me.

I worked at the Highway Department seasonally for 10 years and had to privilege of learning the job from the ground up. Through my experience as a construction laborer, in budgeting, snow removal, flood clean up/volunteering and as a code official, one thing that makes it all work are people. Working with residents, township and other governmental agencies requires compromise and a willingness to work together. Whether locally or nationally, this country needs this more than ever right now.

My goal is to work for and be available to the residents whenever they may need assistance. I would encourage voters to do their due diligence when researching candidates in this or any election. Hopefully they will see that I am the best person for the job and I can earn their support in my candidacy for Highway Commissioner. 

2.  Maine Township is one of the largest unincorporated areas in the State of Illinois making up a large group of people from all walks of life. As Highway Commissioner, I will make it a point to meet with and be available to the residents of the various neighborhoods in the Township to brainstorm about beautification projects the Highway Department can be involved with to improve our neighborhood image.

I will also seek to obtain additional grant funding to assist with the all so common issue of flood control and work to ease congested street parking where applicable. Another top priority will be to work closely with Township Code Enforcement to uphold the community standards we all set. 

One of the biggest strengths of Maine Township is its social programs that do so much for the  local population within its boundaries. I will continue to support Maine Townships youth, family and senior programs, food pantry, and general assistance as much as I possibly can. The staff at Maine Township do an amazing job for those who need it and elected officials need to support them however possible!

Kelly Maron Horvath  – Candidate for Maine Township Trustee

1. I’ve always been interested in serving the public. I grew up in a law enforcement and government family. I became a high school teacher, later transitioning to a manager at a large public library. In recent years, I’ve become increasingly interested in politics at a micro level, creating a popular community group called Des Plaines Forward, to expand community engagement in local politics.

Initially, I had a lot of fears and self-doubt when first running, assuming only lawyers and doctors or lifelong politicians served on boards. I was just a mom who had left her full time career to start a small business and take care of my kids. But I soon realized that we need more moms running for office. Moms fix things. We need small business owners and educators alongside the doctors and lawyers. We need people that reflect different parts of our community, to be the ones helping to make it better.

As someone who has kids doing remote and hybrid learning, who has a husband that is an essential worker, and whose small business has been shuttered because of Covid, I face several of the same issues that have impacted so many residents in Maine Township. There are so many crucial services available to the residents that many aren’t even aware of and it is my goal to increase the visibility in the community of those vital resources.

2. I am fortunate to be running with a bipartisan slate whose only goal is to help the diverse population of Maine Township. With one of the largest unincorporated areas in the state, the Township ensures that those residents are represented and have a voice as well as providing valuable services to ALL residents in Maine Township. The first step is making sure residents are aware of the resources available such as general assistance for families in need, mental health services, senior aid, youth programs, a food pantry, and grants for many local nonprofits that help extend our aid into the community.

As a former educator, a welcoming culture within the schools is also very important to me and I applaud the students and administration who fought to have banners of inclusivity hung at their high schools. Those are not just messages for the students but for everyone driving by, that Maine Township, our township, values everyone. I believe that it is important for our elected officials to be fiscally prudent but I also think it is necessary for them to be compassionate. It is that balance that I aim to bring back to township government. 

Kimberly Jones – Candidate for Maine Township Trustee

1. My decision to run for re-election as a Maine Township Trustee is grounded in my desired commitment to continue on the path of public service.  I have dedicated my adult life to public service, both professionally as a State regulator and publicly, serving as a Park Ridge Alderman, a Maine Township Trustee and also serving on the Park Ridge Flood Control Task Force.   I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve my community working to improve the lives of all Maine Township residents and families.

2. Maine Township is the second largest township in the State of Illinois.  As such, we are fortunate to have a community which is rich with many different ethnicities and cultures.  Maine Township is a welcoming and inclusive community that offers a vast array of services including but not limited to, teen mentoring, property tax assessments, mental health treatment, passport issuance and programs which aid young adults recovering from substance abuse.  

The Township also supports many different social service agencies that provide care to our residents in the following areas; low-income early child care, after school programs, physical and sexual abuse treatment, services for people with disabilities, senior services, meals on wheels and housing assistance just to name a few.

My view of Maine Township is analogous to a quilt made of many rich textures and diverse backgrounds. Each square is beautiful in and of itself but when sewn together into one quilt it is an extraordinary patchwork of many different cultural representations coming together and living in one community side-by-side.

Asif Malik – Candidate for Maine Township Trustee

1. While there are many reasons to pursue an elected office, mine are quite simple and straightforward. As an immigrant I see things from a broader perspective because of shared experiences. The ethnic, cultural, and linguistic landscape of our communities has changed, and many members of the community feel excluded or ignored. My motivation is to bring these underserved and often invisible members into the light and acknowledge their skills and abilities. In addition, I believe in service and paying it forward.

As an elected official I will have a large platform to serve and look forward to paying it forward to residents in the Township. Lastly, I strongly believe that governing and decision-making bodies ought to reflect those who make up our community and it’s diverse residents.

2. One must build one’s own cultural competencies to build an inclusive community and inclusive leadership style by listening, respecting diversity, and engaging all members of the community in the decisions that will impact them. As an elected official I will reach out to the community to listen and provide solutions to their concerns.

Respect is and must always be all encompassing entity in all spheres of civic life. Residents must feel safe, protected, and respected. I believe in professional development and cultural awareness training for all municipal employees on a consistent basis.

Schools and school systems must not be intimidating for newly arrived or bilingual parents. The navigation process must be facilitated, and all students must feel welcome and safe in schools. The Township must create opportunities and events for all communities to interact with elected officials, the police and fire department along with school personnel in informal settings. These events will provide an opportunity for mutual understanding and develop a mutual appreciation and respect for the services in the township.

Maine Township – Republican Candidates

Please note: For any candidates not listed, we did not receive a response to our request for a statement.

Alicia Bailey – Candidate for Maine Township Trustee

1. For the past twelve months, I have been one of only two members of the general public regularly attending the monthly Maine township board meetings.    Attending these monthly board meetings has given me strong insight into Maine township’s affairs, including its opportunities and challenges.   At the February meeting, the board voted to abate taxes for the third year in a row.    While abating money to taxpayers is commendable, it is instructive to understand how this situation arose in the first place.

Over a period of several years, the Maine township board levied taxes to residents that exceeded the township’s expenditures, which resulted in the generation of reserves.  With each successive year, the balances of these reserves grew, and ultimately far exceeded recommended government guidelines.   With proper financial management, this situation never would have happened.    Until recently, our township politicians were truly asleep at the switch and the residents of Maine Township paid the price.

Given this history, I feel strongly that the Maine township board needs leaders with a demonstrated competence in finance and a commitment and passion to serving the needs of our very diverse population.  As a corporate finance professional, with over twenty-five years of progressive accounting, finance, project management, and corporate strategy experience at leading corporations, I feel that I can make a sorely needed contribution to the Maine township board.  Having spent most of my career at an airline, I am very accustomed to finding ways to deliver more with less.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve our township residents with the professionalism, civility, honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability they deserve.

2. Please see below for the collective response for our Republican Clean Slate for this question

Roger Shubert – Candidate for Maine Township Trustee

1.  Explain why you are choosing to run for office. I have served as the Fourth Ward Alderman on the Park Ridge City Council for the past two terms (eight years) since first becoming an elected official in 2013.  I plan to bring experience and knowledge of public service, successful delivery of municipal programs and services to the residents of Park Ridge, and a deep understanding of capital/operating budgets, tax levies, and staff department practices and procedures to a Trustee role on the Maine Township Board.

I look forward to bringing the same principles of honesty, integrity, accountability, and transparency that I have practiced on the Park Ridge City Council to deliver valuable and efficient services to residents of Maine Township while keeping within our budgetary limits and expectations.  In addition to completing my second and final term on the Park Ridge City Council this spring, I have also attended several Maine Township Board meetings over the past six months to fully immerse myself in the current issues in front of the Board and uncover opportunities to improve transparency, programming, and overall efficiency in the delivery of Township services for residents.

2. Please see below for the collective response for our Republican Clean Slate for this question

J.D. Diganvker – Candidate for Highway Commissioner

1. The Maine Township Highway Commissioner focuses primarily upon maintaining roads and bridges in the unincorporated areas of the Township. Unincorporated Maine Township is also home to many minority communities who are entirely unrepresented on the Maine Township Board.  As a resident of unincorporated Maine Township, and a member of its ethnic community, I am the best candidate to serve this area of the Township.  If elected, my top priority will be to keep roadways open and safe while also acting as a strong steward of hard-earned taxpayer funds.  I plan to lower the tax levy over the next four years to reduce the excess of funds accumulated by my predecessors through over-taxation.  I also plan on regularly meeting with residents of various neighborhoods in the Township to brainstorm about how to improve our government and make it more efficient and inclusive.

2. Please see below for the collective response for our Republican Clean Slate for this question

 Earl Wilson – Candidate for Township Supervisor

1. I’m a family man running for Supervisor of Maine Township. I have been working for years to fight wasteful spending and increase transparency of our governmental bodies. Now, more than ever, our communities are under unprecedented financial and social strain. I can help. 

By trade, I am an Information Technology and strategic consultant. I have experience delivering solutions for diverse industries including Public Sector, Finance, Health Care, Manufacturing, Communications, and Consumer Business. My key strengths include successfully managing complex solutions, people, scope and budgets.  

I served two terms as a Des Plaines Library Board Trustee. As a Trustee, I stood up for what is right by fighting wasteful spending and bringing necessary services to our community. I have invested more than a year participating in the Maine Township board meetings, and I know what problems exist and how to make it better. 

I have an ongoing commitment to equality, inclusion, resilience, and leading by example. I am focused on how we can best serve the community by being good stewards and financially responsible to all residents of Maine Township. Together, we will continue current successful efforts while exploring the best ways to assist taxpayers with transparent, cost conscious solutions. We need leaders willing to step-up and do the things that need to be done. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work on efficiently delivering the essential services to all residents of Maine Township. 

2.  Please see below for the collective response for our Republican Clean Slate for this question

James Stinson Candidate for Maine Township Trustee

1. I believe in public service. Over the last several years, there has been a leadership void at many levels of government and the time is now for citizens to step up and take action to improve their communities. My life has been dedicated to serving others by standing up for what’s right, keeping my promises and being there for people.

Maine Township is at a crossroads and our community needs public servants who will have the courage to streamline spending, lower taxes and build consensus to get things done. As a Certified Financial Planner, I’ve listened to people in our community, understood their goals and developed strategies to get them where they want to go. I’ve helped families and businesses evaluate expenses, prioritize key objectives and plan for the future. I’m eager to serve our community by promoting a culture of civility, transparency, accountability and integrity.

2. Please see below for the collective response for our Republican Clean Slate for this question

The collective response for our Republican Clean Slate to the question:

What actions would you take to create inclusion, respect and equity in Park Ridge, in general, and in the specific areas of affordable housing, policing policies and creating a welcoming environment in the schools and community at large? 

The primary action our township officials can take to promote affordable housing in Maine Township is to create and maintain an efficient township government operation. This will enable the township to minimize the tax levy, which subsequently enables our residents to retain more of their hard-earned paychecks to purchase or rent their home. 

A welcoming, inclusive and respectful environment can be cultivated by making our residents aware of the valuable services that Maine Township already offers, which include our general assistance program, food pantry, senior programs, and mental health services.  Though the residents of Maine Township may acquire services and assistance through state and county government, Maine Township’s government officials and dedicated employees also stand ready and willing to help our residents in need as permitted by statute. 

In regard to respect and equity, our township officials take an oath of office to abide by the law, which includes the equal protection and equal application of the law to everyone. Throughout our daily interactions, we commit to treating all people respectfully and equally.  Any complaints of unequal, inefficient or rude service are taken very seriously and will be investigated accordingly. 

Maine Township has no governance over the municipal police departments that operate within its borders and unincorporated areas, which are currently patrolled by the Cook County Sheriff’s department. Our slate plans to continue supporting our residents in the unincorporated areas with the additional hire-back service for extra coverage.  

Similarly, Maine Township has no governance over the schools that operate within its borders. As such, we have no authority to take action on any education policies, curriculum or personnel matters. 

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