Mark Your Calendars

A look ahead at the next few months:

Affordable Housing Action Group, Next Meeting — April 1st at 7:00. Nan and Kristin have organized an Affordable Housing Action Group which met for the first time on Thursday, 3/25. The group agreed to take a strong stand in support of increasing lower cost housing. If you would like to be part of this effort, contact Kristin or Nan at

Restructuring Team, Next Meeting — April 8th at 7:00. In February, a small group met to discuss the possible restructuring of Action Ridge. They acknowledged that Action Ridge has evolved into an influential and important force in the City and agreed that now is the time to consider restructuring and preparing for longevity and decided to bring the issue to the larger group. If Action Ridge is important in your lives, please contribute to making plans for the future by joining that discussion on 4/8 at 7:00.

Discussion Group, Next Meeting — April 28 at 7:00. The Action Ridge Discussion Group will talk about the book Caste by Isabel Wilkerson. The library is in the process of buying a set of the books, which we will be able to borrow soon. If you haven’t already, please let us know if you’d like a book and want to join the discussion on the 28th.

General Meeting — May 13th at 7:00. Alissa Goldwasser is going to lead a follow-up discussion of local and statewide policing practices. You may know that the Pretrial Justice Act passed recently and was signed by the governor. This bill is complicated and some, including our Police Chief, think it needs revision. Other policing topics may also be addressed. So, as promised, we’re going to continue our Policing in Park Ridge discussion in May.

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