General Meeting ~ March 9th

Our March 9th meeting will be a follow-up to Nan Parson’s participation in the First-Hand Series with a concentration on the subject of Segregation.  We’ll view a short film about the history of the Folded-Map project, discuss the film and then take part in the Folded-Map Action Kit activity to identify a “twin” community that we may visit. So please mark your calendars and attend next Wednesday, March 9th!  Let’s put into action our desire to create a more “Beloved Community” that is welcoming and inclusive!

We will also hear from our committee heads who have been busy making “good trouble” in numerous ways! The meeting will take place in person at The Community Church at 7:00 at 100 Courtland and will be on Zoom, as well.  The Zoom link is included below.   This is such an exciting opportunity; and we hope, hope, hope many in the Action Ridge frame of mind will take advantage of it!
For more information, contact us at

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