General Meeting ~ April 13th

On April 13th, at 7:00, Action Ridge will host an informative meeting to look at the causes and effects of segregation.  We will meet with Tonika Lewis Johnson, who created The Folded Map Project, through which a northside community is matched with a “twin” southside neighborhood. 

As the Folded Map Project Website says, this twinship simply, but effectively, helps everyone “understand how our urban environment is structured and (explains the impact of segregation) on our social networks”. Tonika “wants to challenge everyone to think about how change may be possible and to contribute to a solution”.

Through their work with the Project, Action Ridge members have chosen Blue Island as our “twin city”.  Six groups of two or three have visited Blue Island to get a feel for the community and to compare similarities and differences between Blue Island and Park Ridge.   On the 13th, Tonika and her colleague, Maria Krysan, will guide participants in a discussion about their experience in Blue Island and will help all of the attendees find ways to create a more beloved, inclusive, less segregated city.   

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