Affordable Housing Advocacy Group Meeting Minutes ~ April 7, 2022

Date: April 7, 2022

Location of meeting:  Via Zoom

Time meeting was called to order: 7:00pm

Attendees:  Kristin Berg, Nan Parson, Melani Kaplan, Jeanne Wells, Kathy Rosling, Karen Banks-Lubicz

Agenda Items:

  1. Kristin spoke with Drew Awsumb regarding the process and timing of the Comp Plan and the main points were as follows:
    1. Much has changed since 2019 when the Plan was started: the pandemic, new commissioners, new aldermen
    1. There will be public meetings ahead of the PZC discussions
    1. There will not be an overall consultant on the Plan, but some sections and some data might be given to a consultant for updating
    1. The city is surveying commissioners and aldermen to see where they should start as some chapters were close to being done.  Drew agrees that much was not resolved in the Housing Chapter and new things have come up, such as the possibility of adding more 3-flats that could affect Land Use.
    1. Drew agrees that officials need educating, as does the public.  He will encourage educational sessions and is in favor of bringing in officials from other suburbs who have gone through updating their housing language in Comp Plans and Housing Plans.
    1. He advised that we wait to make public comments until the topic is discussed in meetings
  • Kristin talked about how the year old Libertyville Comp Plan update has some very specific language on AH and in some cases call it “Attainable Housing”.  That Plan and page references to the language was sent to the group following the meeting:


Here are the pages that mention AH or Attainable Housing:

Pages 112-115

Page 168, 177 and 188-89

  • The LWV of Illinois held their annual Issues Briefing sessions in March and one of them was on “How to Make Your Voices Heard”.  A former state legislator talked about how logic and reasoning did not persuade him.  What won him over were the personal stories.  The group discussed friends, family, and associates personally known to them that are struggling to pay their rent, unable to live in or near Park Ridge, and have to commute long distances to work in Park Ridge, visit family, etc.  We will attempt to gather these stories and either ask people to tell them at a future PZC and/or City Council meeting or agree to have them recorded and submit them in writing or on video.  Local churches, businesses, social service agencies, and restaurants all may have stories to share.
  • The LWVE updated their Housing Statement and distributed it to local officials.  One of their references was the LWVCC “Findings and Recommendations on Affordable Housing and Residential Desegregation”.  They asked the question “What can Cook County Government do to promote affordable rental housing for families with children while reducing segregation?”.  Kristin mentioned this to the LWVPR at their Annual Meeting on 4/9/22. It turns out that the LWVPR AH Statement is also based on this report.  They will add the reference and post the report on their website.  This is a document that could be distributed to Park Ridge officials at the appropriate time in the Comp Plan discussions.
  • Kate worked on an infographic, and it was shared with the group.  Group feedback included:
    • Add the AR email address for people who want more information.
    • Add “single family homes” under the heading “Types of Affordable Housing”
    • Correct a typo in the property value blurb – it should be nearby, not nearlby
    • A second infographic to address the emotions connected with lack of AH, questions such as “How would you pay for your child’s school if you had to spend 50% of your income on rent?”, include faces of people, statistics on income vs rent/mortgage costs in PR
  • Upcoming events/updates:
    • AR Meeting April 13 at 7:00pm at the Community Church and virtual on zoom. Tonika Johnson and Maria Krysan of the Folded Map Project will be meeting with us. Nan is thinking of ways to include people of color who live in PR in Action Ridge events, committees, etc.
    • AR Diversity Discussion Group.  Next meeting is April 27 at 7:00pm on zoom.  The book is 3 Girls from Bronzeville.
    • Earth Day cleanup event in Blue Island on April 23rd.  Contact  Action Ridge for more information.
    • Vacancy for 7th Ward Alderman
    • HODC Open House May 20th, 3-6pm at HODC office building, 5340 Lincoln Avenue, Skokie.  A “save the Date” flyer was emailed out and the detailed invitation will follow.

Time Meeting Adjourned:  8:40pm                                                              

Next Meeting Date:  Thursday, May 12th at 7:00pm via Zoom

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