Affordable Housing Advocacy Group Meeting Minutes ~ July 11, 2022

Date: July 11, 2022

Location of meeting:  Via Zoom

Time meeting was called to order: 7:04pm

Attendees:  Kristin Berg, Nan Parson, Kathy Rosling, Marilyn Novak, Jeanne Wells

  1. City moving very slowly on Comp Plan and Housing Plan.
    1. City confirmed that the Community Survey is not related to the Comprehensive Plan.  Drew Awsumb said on 6/17 that the Comp Plan is in a “holding pattern”.  At PZC meeting 6/28, Claudia Hampel said Drew is still working on creating the stakeholder survey
    1. Due to lack of action or communication about the Comp Plan or a Housing Plan, Kristin will email Drew Awsumb and request a meeting to inquire about any timeline, progress, etc.
  • 7th Ward Alderman candidates. At the time of the meeting there was no information as to the selected candidate.  Since then, the agenda for the 7/18 City Council Meeting indicates that the Mayor will recommend that Mwende Lefler be appointed as the Alderman.  Her resume is attached.
  • Infographics, social media posts and timeline for release; strategy for messaging
    • There was a discussion about connecting QR codes to a fact sheet about AH in Park Ridge.  Kristin will work on a fact sheet.
    • Connect QR codes to petition?  We may do that in the future.
    • Kathy has several resident stories through the Center of Concern.
  • LWV representatives from regional LWV groups to meet on 8/15 to discuss the possibility of creating an informal coalition of our local leagues to address local housing needs and initiatives.  Kristin will attend meeting and report back.
  • New Business
  • There was a discussion about the possibility of Action Ridge joining the Chamber of Commerce to increase the visibility of the organization and network with community leaders.  Nan will contact them in September to find out more and if there would a charge.
  • Upcoming Events
    • AR Meeting July 13 at 7:00pm at Sweet & Tart.  We will be hosting Jason Ivy, a musician who told his story in the First-Hand series on PBS.  He will tell us more about himself and describe the hard work required to be a successful artist in segregated Chicago.  We’re hopeful that he’ll share his music with us, too.
    • Conversation about policing and mental health at Sweet & Tart from 2-3pm on July 19.  Action Ridge invites you to the rescheduled conversation hour with members of the Park Ridge Police Department about police response to situations involving people with mental health challenges. Chief Frank Kaminski and PRPD Social Worker Geri Silic will be on hand to discuss the Department’s work in this area and to answer questions about any other policing-related issues.
    • AR Diversity Discussion Group.  Next meeting is July 27th at 7:00pm on zoom.  The group will be reading book is “Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood” by Trevor Noah. The compelling, inspiring, and comically sublime story of one man’s coming-of-age, set during the twilight of apartheid and the tumultuous days of freedom that followed.  Books are available now upstairs at the library.     
  • Time Meeting Adjourned:  8:15pm                                           
  • Next Meeting Date:  Monday, August 22nd at 7:00pm via Zoom

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