Affordable Housing Advocacy Group Meeting Minutes ~ August 22, 2022

Location of meeting:  Via Zoom

Time meeting was called to order: 7:00pm

Attendees:  Kristin Berg, Nan Parson, Marilyn Novak, Jeanne Wells, Melani Kaplan, Beverly Copeland, Bob Burkhart, Mary Elsner

  1. City moving very slowly on Comp Plan and Housing Plan.

There was a discussion about meeting with elected and appointed officials and what is allowable under the Open Meetings Act.  If one or two people meet with an official to discuss general issues and policies such as housing, it should be ok as long as there is no specific discussion about an item before the commission or council.  There may be some meetings scheduled with the purpose of providing educational resources and information.

  • Mwende Lefler was appointed as 7th Ward Alderman on 7/18/22.
  • Nan’s Letter to City Council regarding the Strategic Plan 

Nan plans to read her letter referencing DEI issues at the 9/6/22 City Council meeting.  Points include: DEI training for city staff; statement that Park Ridge is an open and welcoming community;  there is a need for more AH.

  • Infographics, social media posts and timeline for release; strategy for messaging

The group discussed the 2 fact sheets, one with general facts about AH and one more specific to Park Ridge.  Both will be used.  Kristin will work on shortening and formatting the information.  These can be distributed to the public and to city officials as part of an education process.

Action Ridge does not have a formal mechanism to back a “consensus” position but can and does offer educational resources.

  • LWV representatives from regional LWV groups met on 8/15/22 and talked about the current AH issues in their communities.  Resources will be shared among the group and members are tasked with coming up with 2 goals to move the needle forward in their towns.  The next meeting is 10/24/22.
  • Upcoming Events
    • AR General Meeting on September 14th at 7:00pm at the PR Community Church.  Agenda items include: establishment of a Nominating Committee for officer elections in January;  a plan for upcoming elections.
    • AR Diversity Discussion Group.  Next meeting is September 28th at 7:00pm on Zoom.  The group will be reading “The Overstory” by Richard Powers. The topic is environmental justice.     
  • Time Meeting Adjourned:  8:16pm
  • Next Meeting Date:  Thursday, September 29th at 7:00pm via Zoom

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