Affordable Housing Advocacy Group Meeting Minutes ~ Jan. 5, 2023

Date: January 5, 2023

Location of meeting:  Via Zoom

Time meeting was called to order: 7:04pm

Attendees:  Kristin Berg, Nan Parson, Marilyn Novak, Kate Kerin, Jeanne Wells, Beverly Copeland

  1. City moving very slowly on Comp Plan and Housing Plan.
    1. The PZC is discussing Land Use in the Uptown B4 district.  The commission discussed the 4 Subdistricts in B4 at the December 13th meeting.  The meeting on 12/27 was cancelled.  Discussion of Subdistricts to continue in January, but not listed on the 1/10/23 agenda.  Slides from this presentation are attached.

Kristin and other members to attend the next PZC meeting where Uptown B4 is discussed to suggest that AH be considered a permitted Use.  This could be in the form of Senior, Supportive, or other AH.  There was a discussion about bringing the AH informational documents at this time.    

  • Meetings with city officials to be scheduled.

Nan and Kristin meeting to begin scheduling meetings with Biagi and Sanchez.  Wilkening and Melidosian are not running for re-election (we have previously met with them as well as with Harrington).

  • Action Ridge joining the Chamber of Commerce
    • Nan, Liz, and Kristin met with Anne Scallon, Chamber Ambassador, and discussed why we joined the Chamber.  Anne connected AR to other chamber members who are organized into 4 groups.

The Chamber is organized into 4 PREN groups that are comprised of members of different vocations that advocate for each other.  We will learn more as we attend the meetings beginning in February.

  • Infographics, social media posts and timeline for release; strategy for messaging
    • AH Fact Sheets:
      • Salary Table revised (finalized?)
      • Have our informational documents available at 1/11 AR meeting?

The group agreed that all documents are finalized (at least for now).  We will begin distributing them at the Action Ridge Meeting on 1/11 and post them to the Action Ridge website.  Kate volunteered to print up copies for the meeting.

We can next work on informational documents that define and explain the various tools communities use to create AH.

  • Collection of written stories of those in PR that need AH.
    • City Code regarding occupancy limits and roomers in single family homes.

Kristin reported on what she found in the city code under Fair Housing and Property Maintenance.  Key findings:

  1. A single dwelling unit may be occupied by no more than one Household.  (Article 22 of Property Maintenance Code, 22-2-1)
    1. A Household consists of a parent or parents and children of such parent or parents or a group of not more than 5 persons who are not related as parents and children but who maintain a common household in a dwelling or dwelling unit.  (Article 22 of Property Maintenance Code, 22-2-1)
    1. Permissible Occupancy is defined as the maximum number of individuals permitted to reside in a dwelling, dwelling unit, rooming unit, or dormitory.  However, no numbers were found except for the 5 persons not related as parents and children (ii.) (Article 22 of Property Maintenance Code, 22-2-1)
    1. There is a provision stating how many square feet are needed in a dwelling unit for each person and that is defined in terms of number of occupants and bedrooms.  (Article 22 of Property Maintenance Code, 22-5-1)
    1. Finding stories for those occupations listed in the Salary Table.

We continue to gather stories.  One written story was sent in by Kathy Rolsing.

  • Upcoming Events
    • AR General Meeting January 11th at the Community Church at 7:00pm.  We’ll review the actions taken in our six areas of interest in 2022 and present the officer slate for 2023.  Let’s come together to celebrate our six-year history and gear up for the future.
    • AR Diversity Discussion Group.  Our next book, “My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Mending of our Bodies and Hearts” by Resmaa Menakem will be available at the library soon and on Hoopla now for listening. From Goodreads, “In this groundbreaking book, therapist Resmaa Menakem examines the damage caused by racism in America from the perspective of trauma and body-centered psychology.”  Maybe you’ve thought about joining this discussion group before but haven’t had the time?  This might be the perfect time to try us! We won’t be meeting until January 25th, so you’ll have more time to digest this important book.  If you have any questions, contact Karen Banks-Lubicz at or 847 924-0457.  Hope to hear from you!
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day Event 1/16/22.  On this day of remembrance, join the Institute for Nonviolence Chicago for a two hour introduction to Building the Beloved Community using Dr. King’s Principles and Steps of Nonviolence.  Then, in the spirit of Dr. King’s quote, “What are you doing for others?”, support our Beloved Community as we assemble toiletry packs for participants and neighbors in need.  For our volunteer project, we ask each attendee to bring items for our toiletry packs — toothpaste, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products, soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, socks, and gloves for women and men.
  • Time meeting adjourned:  8:20pm
  • Next Meeting Date:  Thursday, February 2nd at 7:00pm via ZOOM

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