Housing Affordability – Did You Know?

In the US:

44% of extremely low-income renter householders are seniors or have a disability, and another 44% are in the labor force, in school, or are single-adult caregivers.

Extremely low-income renters face a shortage of approximately 7 million affordable and available rental homes. Only 36 affordable and available homes exist for every 100 extremely low-income renter households.

In Illinois:

442,175 low-income households in Illinois have incomes at or below the poverty level and 68% of poorest renter households spend over half of their income on housing.

Illinois Public Act 102-175: Affordable Housing Planning and Appeal Act (AHPAA)

The original AHPAA from 2004 expressed the State’s public policy promoting the creation of affordable housing and created an appeal process for developers who believed they were unfairly treated because their proposed development contained affordable housing.  The AHPAA was strengthened in 2021, enacting new affordable housing tax incentives and grant programs and adding a home rule preemption. Park Ridge can no longer ignore the Act due to its home rule status.

The AHPAA identified a Statewide goal for every community to achieve at least 10% affordable housing within its jurisdiction.  If a community already met this goal (per State calculations), it was characterized as “exempt” and not subject to  the mandates described in the law.  If a community was “non-exempt”, it is required to adopt an affordable housing plan which describes measures the community will implement towards achieving the 10% goal.

Park Ridge’s Affordable Housing Share is 8.0% so a Housing Plan is Required

In Cook County:

The number of hours that must be worked weekly at minimum wage (2021 $13.00/hour or $24,960 annual) to rent:

Studio Apartment       One Bedroom Apartment      Two Bedroom Apartment

     60 hours                                66 hours                                    77 hours

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