May 2017 Meeting Minutes

Action Ridge; Monday 5/8/2017
We promote principles of democracy: inclusion, respect, equity and the health of our planet. Truth Matters!

1) Communication –
a. EMAIL – Jan  reported that we have about 70 individuals on the email list and the more streamlined nature of sending emails seems to be working well. A summary list of the focus group point people will be crafted so those emails are easily identified and information can be shared directly between group members and the focus groups.
b. FACEBOOK – Nora  reported that there are about 130 members on the group Facebook page. There was some discussion about the postings & photos being ‘too political’ with concern about that jeopardizing the use of the church space for our meetings. This could be a concern going forward with the church space so we will stay true to the Action Ridge mission of promoting principles of democracy and if that conflicts with the churches position, then we look for another space.
c. WEBSITE – Kate and Linda will be setting up a Word Press website with the name in order to share our history and mission. The cost is about $36 per year so me might want to ask for donations to cover this cost.

2) NEXT MEETING – Monday 6/12. The business aspects of clear communication and calling to action when needed is getting accomplished so it was agreed to invite a speaker to our next meeting with a focus on ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES. Tim Milburn from the Sierra Club will attend and anyone or any groups interested are invited to this. Mixing and Mingling from 7:00 to 7:30 with Tim speaking until about 8:15 or 8:30, with the last 30 minutes used for any business we need to discuss. If we like this arrangement, future meetings could also be used to focus on a particular topic.

3) Action 10 – Pledge of Liberation; Please be sure to sign the Pledge (information attached) and stay connected to the information

4) Review areas of interest and functionality since last meeting: Reports were given and names added to the groups as follows:
a. Women’s Issues – Beth, Nan  Kate and Jeannie
b. Immigration – Tom , Cathy , Denise and Jim
c. Education – Chris and Bill
d. Environment – Chris , Jane , Cathy and Rob
e. Identify our administrators/organizers – Liz , Jan & Nora B
f. Health Care – Luan , Trudy, Lori and Marilyn
g. Housing – Nan  & Kristin
h. Civil Rights – Lori and Tina
i. Voter Registration – Debbie and Lois

The final action in Women’s March’s 10 Actions / 100 Days Campaign, Pledge of Liberation, harnesses the power of cross-movement collaboration. Over the course of the next week, we are mobilizing our communities to sign a Pledge of Liberation—a declaration of allegiance to each other.
Together, activists around the country from every movement sector will unite on May 8 and hold demonstrations and actions at in-district congressional offices and the offices of other elected officials. Women’s March, in partnership with ACLU People Power, United We Dream, Hollaback!, The Gathering for Justice, and other national and local partners, will take our resistance directly to our members of Congress.

We will send a clear message that we will rise up, together, against attacks on our health care, our identities, and our religious freedoms. We no longer accept hollow reforms or compromises that help some of our communities but harm others. On May 8, we will hold demonstrations and deliver the message that we are in solidarity with communities around the country as part of a collective fight for dignity, justice and freedom. We are all part of one movement, and we are not only stronger and more powerful together—our unity is how we survive as people, organizations, and movements.
We cannot pledge allegiance to an administration that oppresses and harms us. Instead, we pledge allegiance to the liberation of all people. We pledge allegiance to each other.
Just as we pledge our allegiance to each other, we will remind our members of Congress of their allegiance to us—the voters. We ask that this allegiance come in the form of real resistance to this administration’s efforts to divide and harm us. This means: 1) Protecting our health care; 2) Defending the most marginalized among us; 3) Voting for a federal budget that reflects the values five million people marched for on January 21, 2017.
In case you missed any of the previous actions in our 100 Days campaign, head here.

THANK YOU for continuing this new path of women-led activism with us. Send us your feedback for this and future actions at!

April 2017 Meeting Minutes

April Action 6 / 10 – Hear Our Vote
Action Ridge Minutes from Monday 4/10/2017
We promote principles of democracy: inclusion, respect, equity and the health of our plant. Truth Matters!
1) Communications – General discuss to create a history or general information about the group to provide to new members and those being added to the email list. This will help explain how the small groups work, how information is best disseminated to all and be included in the Facebook page as well as Website.
a. Email to the full group – Jan will update the list with names and correct emails. The email list is a great way to access a directory without too much additional work. We will ask the group to delete old emails and use the new, updated list. Updates to the list will come out weekly as needed.
b. Emails from the small groups – Small group leaders have been updated – see below. New people will get these emails and we will continue the practice of sending information to the point person so a concise and bullet point email with easy to follow action steps can go to the full group.
c. Facebook- Nora is doing a great job with Facebook and Cheri has offered to help administer this area. The suggestion to add our history/general information here as well as offer to add a person to the email list was made.
d. Website – Denise suggested at least setting up a showcase site to hold a page for our group, cost about $30 or so annually. Linda and Kate will look into more details about this and update us at the next meeting.

2) Broaden our scope by inviting others & working with existing groups; meet with PROP – Kathy will stay in touch with PROP as they determine their direction.

3) Voter registration drive/Engage in Hear Our Vote: Added a voter registration group below. Can check into already established groups for events we can volunteer with. Will consider presence as time and opportunity present themselves at places like the Farmers Market and Concerts in the Park.

4) Next Meeting Date and Place – May 8th 7:30 – 9:00 at Park Ridge Community Church

5) Review areas of interest – Each area gave an overview of their activity since the last meeting. Many marches are coming up so be on the lookout for details to gather and attend together. Below are some updates to groups and point people. We will also discuss adding a speaker or movie viewing event in the future.

a. Women’s Issues – Beth, Nan & Kate
b. Immigration – Tom, Cathy  & Denise
c. Education – Bill and Chris
d. Environment – Chris, Jane, Cathy
e. Identify our administrators/organizers – Liz , Jan  & Nora
f. Health Care – Luan , Trudy, Lori and Marilyn
g. Housing – Nan & Kristin
h. Civil Rights – Lori and Tina
i. Voter Registration – Debbie, Lois and Denise

March 2017 Meeting Minutes

Action 5 / 10
Reflect & Resist
Monday 3/20/2017 – Minutes

1) Change name from Park Ridge Women of Action to something less gender specific
New name is – Action Ridge

2) Determine a goal or purpose for our group: We promote principles of democracy: inclusion, respect, equity and the health of our planet. Truth Matters!

3) Broaden our scope by inviting others & working with existing groups – We decided to broaden our scope. Kathy will approach P.R.O.P. (Park Ridge Organization for Progress) to see if they want to join us. Kathy & Liz will also explore Indivisible and sign up our group on their directory.

4) Discuss purpose and specific areas of interest to focus on
a) Women’s Issues – Beth, Nan & Lori
b) Immigration – Tom , Cathy
c) Education – No individuals yet
d) Environment – Chris, Jane, Cathy
e) Identify our administrators/organizers – Liz , Jan  & Nora
f) Health Care – Luan , Trudy, Lori and Marilyn
g) Housing – Nan & Kristin
h) Civil Rights – Lori and Tina
The focus groups will research their subject areas and identify actions to the larger group as they become needed. Sub-groups will email the full group with their sub-group name in the subject line of emails. The emails will be bullet pointed with the main issues and action items easily and briefly highlighted.

5) Next meeting date and place – Monday 4/10, 7:30. We will ask for a general RSVP ahead of time to determine size of group. If manageable numbers, will host at Liz’s house. If too large will identify a new location.

Other Business: The Facebook page will also include our ActionRidge2017 email address. It was agreed that we would not read the Action Five suggestions for our next meeting. List of Members of Congress will be compiled.