Affordable Housing Committee Meeting Minutes ~ 6.2.21

Location of meeting:  Via Zoom Time meeting was called to order: 7:00pm Kristin and Nan thanked those that signed the public comment drafted by Nan Parson and submitted to  City Council calling for inclusion, respect, and equity .  There were over 130 signatures gathered in just a few days.  Kristin and Nan met with newContinue reading “Affordable Housing Committee Meeting Minutes ~ 6.2.21”

Action Ridge Presents on Affordable Housing to Palatine LWV

Action Ridge members Nan Parson and Kristin Berg joined the Palatine area League of Women Voters via Zoom on October 13, 2021 to share the grass roots efforts Action Ridge has engaged in to address obstacles to securing affordable housing, including data gathering, meeting with local officials, and influencing community members in Park Ridge. AContinue reading “Action Ridge Presents on Affordable Housing to Palatine LWV”

Meeting Minutes & Recording ~ 6.10.21

Link to Recording: General Announcements Catherine Inserra shared her Peace Crane project. People can pick up kits with materials and instructions to make cranes at the Park Ridge Public Library. Promotes literacy and peace – “Peace Takes Flight” is the theme. The finished cranes will be an art installation in the children’s department ofContinue reading “Meeting Minutes & Recording ~ 6.10.21”

General Meeting ~ 7pm June 10

Dear Intellectually Curious Folks,  This is your chance to learn what the term “Affordable Housing” really means and how more housing at various price points can benefit Park Ridge.  Our guest speaker, Sue Loellbach, of the “Joining Forces for Affordable Housing Program” will  teach us so much about housing in Park Ridge and nearby suburbs. ForContinue reading “General Meeting ~ 7pm June 10”

Mark Your Calendars

A look ahead at the next few months: Affordable Housing Action Group, Next Meeting — April 1st at 7:00. Nan and Kristin have organized an Affordable Housing Action Group which met for the first time on Thursday, 3/25. The group agreed to take a strong stand in support of increasing lower cost housing. If youContinue reading “Mark Your Calendars”

Residential Tenant Landlord Ordinance Passes!

On January 28, 2021, Cook County Commissioners voted unanimously to extend protections to 245,000+ suburban renter households in Cook County! The Residential Tenant Landlord Ordinance (RTLO) will:Create safeguards against illegal lockouts and guidance on when a landlord can enter a unit Create procedures for withholding rent until building problems are addressed. Protect against lease termsContinue reading “Residential Tenant Landlord Ordinance Passes!”

Park Ridge Comprehensive Plan: Housing Chapter

Focus on efforts to ensure housing is attainable for people with various income levels and in different stages of their lives.  Policies include: Allow Accessory Dwelling Units where it makes sense Allow more multifamily, mixed -use, and 2-3 family dwellings at specific locations along key corridors and in transit areas (Dee Road, Higgins Road) Create aContinue reading “Park Ridge Comprehensive Plan: Housing Chapter”

August 2017 Meeting Minutes

On Monday, September 11th, Nan Parson and Kristin Berg, of Park Ridge Housing Initiative, gave a presentation which explains their mission to develop more affordable housing in Park Ridge.  It is the hope of the Initiative that increasing the number of affordable living units in the city would enable Park Ridge to be an inclusive community that promotes cultural and economic diversity; encouragesContinue reading “August 2017 Meeting Minutes”