Affordable Housing Advocacy Group Meeting Minutes ~ August 22, 2022

Location of meeting:  Via Zoom Time meeting was called to order: 7:00pm Attendees:  Kristin Berg, Nan Parson, Marilyn Novak, Jeanne Wells, Melani Kaplan, Beverly Copeland, Bob Burkhart, Mary Elsner There was a discussion about meeting with elected and appointed officials and what is allowable under the Open Meetings Act.  If one or two people meetContinue reading “Affordable Housing Advocacy Group Meeting Minutes ~ August 22, 2022”

Meeting Minutes ~ September 14, 2022

Meeting began at 7:00pm Nan welcomed the attendees and those bringing guests introduced their friends. Committee Updates Affordable Housing – Kristin Berg and Nan Parson Book Discussion Group – Karen Banks-Lubicz The group is reading The Overstory by Richard Powers for the next book discussion. Noreen Gayford suggested Gunfight by Ryan Busse for the followingContinue reading “Meeting Minutes ~ September 14, 2022”

Meeting Minutes ~ June 8, 2022

Action Ridge General MeetingJune 8, 2022 Meeting commenced at 7:00pm. Nan introduced Dr. Ben Collins. Featured Speaker: Dr. Ben Collins, Principal of Maine South High SchoolDr. Collins discussed the ways in which Maine South, along with the other Maine Township high schools have been working to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the school.The workContinue reading “Meeting Minutes ~ June 8, 2022”

Meeting Minutes ~ May 11, 2022

Action Ridge General Meeting May 11, 2022 Meeting commenced at 7:00pm Nan welcomed everyone and thanked Scott Grau for figuring out an improved video setup. Viewing of Nan’s segment on Firsthand: Segregation. Discussion of Nan’s segment from the Firsthand discussion guide Question prompt: What are the factors that have created segregation in Park Ridge? CommentsContinue reading “Meeting Minutes ~ May 11, 2022”

General Meeting ~ May 11, 2022

On May 11th, at 7:00, both in-person and virtually, Action Ridge will present three stories taken from the PBS documentary series, First-Hand.  One of the stories was told by Nan Parson, co-founder of Action Ridge.  In the video she talks about segregation and ways to mitigate it, using Park Ridge as an example of aContinue reading “General Meeting ~ May 11, 2022”

Meeting Minutes ~ April 13, 2022

Action Ridge General Meeting April 13, 2022 The meeting began at 7:15pm. Participants were in person at the Park Ridge Community Church and virtual via Zoom. Nan welcomed everyone and read the Land Acknowledgment. She then introduced Tonika Lewis Johnson, creator of the Folded Map Project, and Maria Krysan, Professor of Sociology at the UniversityContinue reading “Meeting Minutes ~ April 13, 2022”

General Meeting ~ April 13th

On April 13th, at 7:00, Action Ridge will host an informative meeting to look at the causes and effects of segregation.  We will meet with Tonika Lewis Johnson, who created The Folded Map Project, through which a northside community is matched with a “twin” southside neighborhood.  As the Folded Map Project Website says, this twinshipContinue reading “General Meeting ~ April 13th”

Meeting Mintues & Folded Map Project ~ March 9, 2022

Minutes below. First, Action Ridge is grateful to be included in the Folded Map Project during which we will visit our “twin community,” Blue Island.  If you were unable to take part in our March 9th meeting, where we introduced the project and formulated groups to visit Blue Island, please take a look at the attached minutesContinue reading “Meeting Mintues & Folded Map Project ~ March 9, 2022”

General Meeting ~ March 9th

Our March 9th meeting will be a follow-up to Nan Parson’s participation in the First-Hand Series with a concentration on the subject of Segregation.  We’ll view a short film about the history of the Folded-Map project, discuss the film and then take part in the Folded-Map Action Kit activity to identify a “twin” community that weContinue reading “General Meeting ~ March 9th”

Video & Slides ~ 2/15 Meeting on Clean Energy with Go Green & Green Drinks

Park Ridge resident Tim Milburn, an Action Ridge, Go Green Park Ridge, Green Drinks Park Ridge member and environmental activist with over 40 years of technical and commercial experience in energy and environmentally-related fields, presented on Climate Change and related action at our meeting on February 15, 2022. Titled “What’s up with All These ClimateContinue reading “Video & Slides ~ 2/15 Meeting on Clean Energy with Go Green & Green Drinks”