Action Ridge Discussion Group ~ UPDATED 2023 Calendar

Join us once, join us often – whether you’ve read the book or watched the show! If it’s a topic you’re interested in, you’re welcome to join in. Our discussion group began as a focused effort to educate ourselves on racism and privilege and has morphed into a group that discusses books (and sometimes moviesContinue reading “Action Ridge Discussion Group ~ UPDATED 2023 Calendar”

It’s Time to Pass the ERA

Michelle Thorne wrote a great letter to the editor that was published in today’s Chicago Tribute.  Here is the text: The Equal Rights Amendment is easy to endorse: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” It’s a statementContinue reading “It’s Time to Pass the ERA”

Tammy & Equality in Workplace

I hope you all saw that, because of Tammy Duckworth’s determination, the US Senate reversed the no children on the Senate floor rule. She brought her little baby to work so that she could cast a vote for important legislation. Little Miley, dressed in her pink hat and a mandatory jacket, is getting her politicalContinue reading “Tammy & Equality in Workplace”

Phone Banking for the ERA

Sent: Friday, April 20, 2018 3:25 PM Subject: Phone Banking for the ERA Last night we had a very successful phone-banking session!  We’re so thankful that Sue Friedman from North West Suburbs Organizing for Action came to help us set up our computers.  Now six of us know how to call Michael McAuliffe’s constituents toContinue reading “Phone Banking for the ERA”

Equal Payday Rally

Action Ridge members Nan and Chris Parson, Joan LaVelle, Fran and Dick Kampwirth, Jody and Bill Baty and Carol Sales attended the Equal Payday Rally.   Our fellow activist, Cindy Grau, was there, too. It was an inspiring program.  Lisa Kaihara and Kamala Lopez and their ERA friends did their best to remind us all thatContinue reading “Equal Payday Rally”

She the People

Several of our group members had the pleasure of going to Second City this past Thursday evening  to see a private performance of “She the People” benefiting Cause the Effect Chicago. A great show and a good cause! Cause the Effect Chicago provides a platform for women to effect change through activism, civic engagement andContinue reading “She the People”

League of Women Voters Information

Dear Action Ridge Friends, I know we are all so grateful to Mary Upson, President of Park Ridge League of Women Voters, for speaking at our last meeting.  We had 35 attendees, despite the snow storm.  We learned a great deal from her and are glad that we can join with LWV to get thingsContinue reading “League of Women Voters Information”