Action Ridge Committees

Action Ridge committees enable members to focus their attention and energy on key interest areas. To add focus areas beyond the current committees, we need passionate individuals to take a leadership role. We are actively seeking an individual to lead our Environmental committee. To inquire about joining a committee or becoming a committee chair, please email us at

Content related to each committee is posted under the corresponding link under “Issues.”

Policing and Criminal Justice

  • Promote fairness, equity and justice within the realm of public safety in Park Ridge and beyond
  • Ensure that Park Ridge’s policing systems uphold, rather than hinder, Park Ridge’s identity as a welcoming place for all who want to live, work and visit here
  • Topics of interest include school resource officer program and evaluation, use of citizens groups to provide patrol services, hiring practices and diversity within the PRPD, use of unarmed public servants to respond to certain calls, continued focus on de-escalation techniques for responding officers, and training in anti-racist practices
  • Meet at least four times during the year and establish 12-month goals at our first meeting
  • Regular activities will include reviewing data on PRPD activities, attending City Council meetings when Public Safety is presented, keeping tabs on issues in policing in the news

Gun Violence Prevention

  • Advocate for sensible gun laws
  • Inform and take action when needed; engage with the PRPD
  • Fought against a 2019 resolution to arm school teachers and succeeded
  • Promoting “The Price of Freedom” documentary showing on October 7
  • Gather information from a variety of sources and distribute vital pieces to Action Ridge
  • Action Ridge is a member of the Coalition of Gun Violence Prevention and participates in a weekly phone call
  • Participate in actions including gathering witness slips, sending emails, and making phone calls to support legislation
  • Currently opposing new legislation to allow school staff who have been trained to carry firearms
  • Participate in Lunch and Lobby session with Sarah Knizhnik through Newtown Alliance

Affordable Housing

  • Work was ignited by the updating process for the Park Ridge Comprehensive Plan
  • Advocated to have affordable housing as part of the plan
  • Attend City Council meetings when affordable housing is on the agenda
  • Working with new Director of Preservation and Development, Drew Awsumb, and Planning and Zoning Coordinator, Claudia Hampel
  • Education to inform people about affordable housing
  • Putting together a document with language and data to talk with people in decision making roles

Voting and Elections

  • Focus on ranked-choice voting
  • Federal bill to provide up to $40M to local and state governments changing to ranked-voting. More information is available at
  • Evanston is looking to be the first community to implement through referendum.
  • Action Ridge has partnered with League of Women Voters; doing voter registration at the Maine Township high schools
  • Will hold get-out-the-vote and candidates forum closer to elections

Human Rights and Discussion Group

  • Educate ourselves and others about human rights issues
  • Meet once a month to discuss books and movies about human rights. Some recent books/movies include, Strangers in Their Own Land, Caste, The Sum of Us, and The Long Shadow.
  • Looking for people who are open to exploring their own biases and gaps


Purpose of the environmental committee

  1. Support the community in understanding and applying best practices in sustainability, climate mitigation and adaption, through outreach and education.
  2. Communicate ongoing environmental and climate policies, incentives and programs that effect Park Ridge residents, organizations, and City Leadership.

Activities, Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Collaborate and communicate with members and environmentally like-minded groups to leverage supportive activities, such as local fairs, events, presentations on environmental issues and opportunities.
  2. Plan and present at least one public event each year on sustainability,
  3. Evaluate (recommend, criticize and/or support) and document information on policies, programs, best practices and incentives concerning local opportunities and decisions related to environmental, economic and social sustainability and provide useful outputs to Park Ridge elected officials, staff and commissions.
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