Policing and Criminal Justice Update ~ October 2021

In a conversation with Chief Kaminski, Action Ridge Policing and Criminal Justice Committee Chair Alissa Goldwasser learned that the PRPD has made nine new hires this year, replacing officers who have retired or left the department. Whereas finding qualified candidates had been challenging a year ago, the department has been successful recently, hiring officers withContinue reading “Policing and Criminal Justice Update ~ October 2021”

Action Ridge Impact on Equity in Law Enforcement

Action Ridge is having an impact on equity in law enforcement in Park Ridge, as evidenced by the three cultural competency training workshops provided by the Park Ridge Police Department in June. The Park Ridge Police Department (PRPD) works with volunteer citizens groups on various initiatives, including carrying out patrols when the department deems itContinue reading “Action Ridge Impact on Equity in Law Enforcement”