Park Ridge Employee Salaries: What Housing Options Exist in Park Ridge for These Employees?

JOB TITLE AVERAGE ANNUAL SALARY ANNUAL SALARY RANGE AFFORDABLE RENT AFFORDABLE HOME PURCHASE     25th – 90th Percentile* @ 30% of Annual Income Current Market Conditions** Restaurant Worker 24,592 19,500 – 32,500 615 62,000 Grocery Stocker 27,807 23,078 – 34,116 695 77,000 Hospital Housekeeper 28,170 23,091 – 36,127 704 78,000 Public Works 33,628 25,591Continue reading “Park Ridge Employee Salaries: What Housing Options Exist in Park Ridge for These Employees?”

Housing Affordability – Did You Know?

In the US: 44% of extremely low-income renter householders are seniors or have a disability, and another 44% are in the labor force, in school, or are single-adult caregivers. Extremely low-income renters face a shortage of approximately 7 million affordable and available rental homes. Only 36 affordable and available homes exist for every 100 extremelyContinue reading “Housing Affordability – Did You Know?”

Affordable Housing Facts

Affordable housing serving low- and moderate-income people is often mixed-income, indistinguishable from surrounding housing, and designed to house the workforce, older adults, people with disabilities, and families.  Affordable and accessible housing helps promote long term employment retention, cuts down on commutes and air pollution, and helps those who grew up in the community to remain.Continue reading “Affordable Housing Facts”

Reproductive Rights Resources

Steaming mad about SCOTUS overturning Roe v Wade? The best first thing you can do is make an ongoing donation to a reputable organization on the front lines of this fight. Recurring donations help organizations reliably plan and budget. Donating to and spreading the word about organizations that help those seeking abortions do so safelyContinue reading “Reproductive Rights Resources”