About Us

Our Beliefs

We promote principles of democracy: inclusion, respect, equity and the health of our planet. Truth Matters!

Based in Park Ridge, IL

All are welcome and encouraged to join us!

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How You Can Get Involved

Join us in support of the principles of democracy! Request to receive Action Notices by emailing actionridge2017@gmail.com. Then, join us at General Meetings, which usually convene on the second Thursday of the month. See “Meetings” for dates & details.

Connect with Others

Join our Facebook group to connect with people in the community and stay up-to-date on events & issues.

Educate Yourself

Join the Action Ridge Diversity Discussion Group to participate in engaging monthly discussions. Check out “Meetings & Minutes” for details on upcoming meetings. For more information contact us at actionridge2017@gmail.com.

Take Action!

We’ll help you find ways to get things done! Whether that is writing letters, making calls to public officials, attending marches or supporting other organizations– we will connect you with ways to make a difference.


Recent Causes

  • Meeting Minutes ~ 4.8.21
    Meeting commenced at 7:00pm. Nan Parson welcomed participants, especially Melvin Lars, who was the meeting’s featured speaker. Nan reminded people to submit comments to the Park Ridge City Planning and Zoning Commission to encourage affordable housing to be included in the Park Ridge Comprehensive Plan. Letters can be sent to John Carlisle jcarlisle@parkridge.us. To attendContinue reading “Meeting Minutes ~ 4.8.21”
  • Mark Your Calendars
    A look ahead at the next few months: Affordable Housing Action Group, Next Meeting — April 1st at 7:00. Nan and Kristin have organized an Affordable Housing Action Group which met for the first time on Thursday, 3/25. The group agreed to take a strong stand in support of increasing lower cost housing. If youContinue reading “Mark Your Calendars”
  • Quarterly Summary – Q1 2021
    In January and February, we heard from 3 experienced community organizers, who come from quite different backgrounds and use different approaches for creating change.  (See posts below for details.) We learned some unique things from each one; but they had in common one strong message, which was that in order to create change, we need to takeContinue reading “Quarterly Summary – Q1 2021”