Action Ridge

 All are welcome to join this Park Ridge social activist group

We promote principles of democracy: inclusion, respect, equity and the health of our planet.



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Taste of Park Ridge 7-13-19

A big shout out to Chris Parson, Sue Beaumont, Marilyn Novak, Renate Stoltzer, Beth Brosnan, Debbie Maggio, Karen Burkum, Jane Curry, Kate Kerin and Joan and Don Bludeau. They bravely endured the heat at the Taste of Park to promote Action Ridge!

Action Ridge Book Club July 18

Dear Action Ridge Enthusiasts,  Our Anti-Oppression Book Club will be on July 18th to accommodate our leader, Jena Doolas.  We will gather at the Community Church at 7:00. To prepare for the meeting, please purchase What Does it mean to be White?  Here is the link: If you would like to share a book, let me know; and … Continue reading Action Ridge Book Club July 18

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